Renting has its pros and cons. Renting is a great way to live without being tied to a 30-year mortgage. You can pay steady rent and renters’ insurance for your protection and assets. Renters often struggle to make their rental homes feel comfortable and cozy.

It can be challenging to make a rental home feel like yours, but many styling tricks and tips help you do it. Continue reading to learn how to transform your rental home into a warm, personalized, and cozy home.

Cure your furniture

Renters who are transient or move from one lease to another may be discouraged from purchasing quality furniture. It’s not hard to see why! It cannot be easy to justify buying expensive furniture while saving for a deposit on a house. If you are committed to a rental lifestyle, what works in one place may not work in the next… Selecting a few key pieces of furniture that can work in any room is possible.

Furniture for renters to consider:

  • These pieces, bed, and mattress, will last a lifetime. Choose a bed with a timeless style that you can customize in many ways using new bedding.
  • If you plan to work from home for more extended periods, you will need a desk and an office chair.
  • The armchair is perfect for creating a cozy nook in a vacant corner.

Other essential furniture includes a coffee table, sofa, dining table, and console table.

You don’t need to buy new furniture. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree are great for finding quality furniture and older pieces that look fantastic with an upcycle. This is a great way to make your home look beautiful on a budget.

Embrace rugs

The flooring in rental homes can often be worn out! Do you remember old carpets, broken tiles, or scuffed floors in rental properties? Our tip: sweep it under the rug… literally.

Area rugs can cover a variety of sins. Covering ugly flooring, check! You can improve the appearance of your rooms even if you cannot make significant changes, such as painting. You can also make your home more comfortable by adding softness to the floor and defining zones.

Rugs are an excellent asset for long-term renters, as they allow you to control the flooring in any rental property. Rugs can also protect your rental property’s floors and ensure your bond is fully returned to you.

Wall art is a great way to decorate your home.

The biggest decorating sin is to have bare walls! We understand that you don’t want to risk damaging your walls. A few wall pieces can transform a rental property from clinical to cozy.

It’s worth noting that some regions have also lifted this rule, allowing renters to hang picture hooks without needing to ask permission from their landlord. This rule has been raised in some areas, allowing renters to install picture hooks without the landlord’s consent.

Swap out your light bulbs.

The light bulbs used in rental properties are often generic. To transform the atmosphere in your rental property, change your light bulbs. Bye-bye, ultra-white, clinical lighting, and welcome globes that mimic natural light. Also, look for more energy-efficient bulbs.

When it comes to lighting, you can strategically place a few floor and table lamps around your home. Lamps provide a softer light than ceiling lights and are also a great decor item!

Hanging a few fairy lights is our favorite. They are perfect for a balcony, or anywhere you’d like to add warmth and magic.

Install your curtains

Our top tip for transforming a room is to update your window coverings. We recommend updating your curtains if you rent; painting isn’t an option. YouTube has many videos that show renter-friendly ways to change curtains. You can also find curtain rods at your local hardware shop that are easy to install and don’t require drilling.

Investing in sheer luxury curtains will be worth tenfold if you are on a long-term contract. Sheers are a great way to diffuse light and instantly transform any room into a more cozy space. Window coverings that are chosen carefully can create an illusion of a larger, brighter, and more luxurious space.

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