The 1st of December is fast approaching, and for many, that means the beginning of their Christmas decorations at home. Christmas can be a wonderful time, but people often buy unnecessary items. This creates unnecessary waste. Natural or eco-friendly decorations are often the most beautiful! We have compiled an impressive, sustainable Christmas decor list to encourage you to start foraging, crafting, and repurposing items.

Christmas vase

You’ve come to the right place if you want a new way to decorate your home for Christmas. Instead of a mini artificial tree, try a tree-in-a-vase! You only need a large vase, some branches you’ve collected (we love pine trees or bare branches), and a couple of cute ornaments for Christmas.

Natural ornaments

Natural materials are the best way to create a sustainable Christmas decoration. Make your ornaments using foraged materials or homemade ornaments like the twig, pinecone, and dried Orange Slice Christmas tree ornaments shown below.

Make your natural ornaments. Many of them also smell great, which will add to the festive atmosphere in your home.

Hanging wreath

This is challenging, but if your goal is to elevate the Christmas dinner or lunch to a higher level and impress guests, then this is how you do it.

Make your Christmas-themed chandelier using a hanging wreath.

Paper garland

Repurposing old paper, from books to wrapping pieces, is a great way to make a sustainable Christmas decoration. One of our favorite craft ideas is creating a beautiful paper garland that can be hung on your fireplace, wall, or tree.

Candle Wrap

Candles indeed make things look more festive, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a little extra flair by dressing them (literally!) ).

Wrapping candles in burlap and rosemary with cinnamon sticks will create a cozy Christmas atmosphere. Use them in a Christmas scene, as a centerpiece for a low-cost Christmas table setting, or give them away to family and friends.

DIY Advent Calendar

Create anticipation for Christmas by using an advent calendar. Why buy a generic advent calendar when you can create your own stylish and sustainable one? Compostable craft boxes and wrapping paper, like the ones pictured below, are a beautiful way to display your advent calendar.

Glass Bottle Candle Holder

Have you ever seen a $1 glass bottles look more beautiful? Not according to us! It takes only a few minutes to create this elegant Christmas decor hack. Fill some old wine bottles with water, foliage, and a candle. It’s easy and gorgeous!

Terrarium Christmas

Make a terrarium-themed Christmas to give your old decorations a new lease of life! You can turn any lantern, large vase, or container into a festive glasshouse or terrarium. Fill with artificial snow and other Christmas decors, such as mini pinecones or ornaments.

Table salt is an excellent alternative to artificial snow because it is reusable for cleaning the home after Christmas. You can add essential oils to the salt to create a wonderful scent for your Christmas Terrarium.

Wooden bead garland

The wooden beads are timeless and can be used every year. These are great for those who love neutral colors!

Cork craft

Before we lose you, we swear that this can look stylish. Consider these elegant and eco-friendly Christmas decor ideas rather than the kids’ crafts that turn old corks into snowmen. Cork Christmas decorations, cork wreaths, and garlands… your imagination is the limit.

Also, we love when people write funny stories or the bottle date on their corks. This encourages some memorable story-telling reminiscing about all the dinners, wine nights, and bottomless breakfasts you’ve had throughout the year.

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