Boys’ bedrooms can be difficult. A boring bedroom is not what anyone wants, and that includes kids. However, if you go overboard with the theme, they may quickly grow out of it. We’ve got lots of ideas for decorating a boy’s bedroom here.

Reach for the stars.

This is an excellent example of decorating a boy’s room with a blank canvas. Whitney from Create Home With Whit transformed an ordinary bedroom into a beautiful space when she designed it for her son Corbin.

The classic (which will not bore you)

Gina knew that as her eldest son Patrick’s bedroom dinosaur grew, it needed to change with him. She shows us her classic bedroom that he loves, complete with fun décor, pops of color, and a big-boy desk as he nears schooling.

Jungle Joy

Obsessed! This is the first word that comes to mind when you see this room, The Designory, designed at The Bay Villa.

You wouldn’t have been the first to want to copy everything from this space. Luke and Jasmin got into trouble on the Block for taking too much inspiration from this space.


Your children’s bedroom will need to grow with them. This twin tween bedroom is great because it’s flexible enough for the kids to hang out with their friends and spread out, yet practical enough to have desks, storage, and a workspace. Keeping things organized and creating interest with the pegboard is a great idea.

Bunk beds are fun for everyone.

This boys’ room ticks all the boxes with its olive green walls, earthy palette, and excellent furniture. First, the bunk beds. It’s enough said! We’re sure any child would be thrilled to have this room as their own.

The giant pinboard is also a big hit, as are the many storage spaces squeezed into the room.

Interstellar mission

This room will last the test of time. The room is fun for your little guy, yet mature enough to last through their teenage years. The bedding is bright and colorful, with amusing wall sconces.

The most astonishing rug for (almost) all problems

This bed is so cool! This rug is fantastic! A funky rug will take an ordinary space to a whole new level. This is one of the best ways to decorate a boys’ bedroom. It adds a little whimsy and a lot of character.

Boho vibes

Is it just us, or does this space feel super relaxing? The half-height paneling on the walls and the rattan side table and bedframe are trendy. They add interest to the room without making it look dated.

Warm-toned bedding adds a subtle pop to the room, while cute wall decorations can be changed as your child’s interests grow and change.

All the little bookworms

Why not make your child the star of their room? This bedroom is filled with eight bookshelves stacked in two rows. All the books that your child loves are within easy reach.

Color me happy

The colored roof is what we like about this teenage boy’s room.

The rest of the space is decorated in beautiful whites with accents of wood or rattan.

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