Ovenclean can take care of the tedious stove cleaning and other chores. Ovenclean experts are equipped to clean any make or model of stoves and ranges. We will ensure that your Stove or range remains the focal point of your kitchen. We can clean your Stove no matter what kind of grease or grime it has.

You can expect the following:

  • You will get a fully-trained, professional range and stove cleaner at a time that suits you
  • We are a reliable, friendly and courteous service that will clean up after ourselves so your kitchen is in pristine condition.
  • Use a completely safe, non-assailable, and environmentally-friendly cleaning system that does not contain any caustic chemicals
  • We are available 24/7 in the UK to assist you.

Make your range sparkle again

Ovenclean experts only use one type of cleaning solution to clean your range or Stove. Ovenclean Stove and range cleaning experts will clean your cooker to a ‘like-new’ condition, regardless of its finish, whether it is enamel, chrome, or stainless steel. Ovenclean can assist you with any stove or range make and model.

For a no-obligation quote and to discuss your Range cleaning or Stove Cleaning needs, call 0800 840 7127. You can also book your Range or Stove Clean online.

Only the Best Stove Cleaning Service

Customers who use Ovenclean are often amazed at the high quality service they receive when their Stove or range is cleaned. We strive to do every job to the highest standard. In just a few hours, we can clean your Stove with a skilled professional. We also maintain a safe environment.

Unique, non-caustic cleaning method

Ovenclean uses a no added caustic cleaning product, which is safer than any other domestic oven cleaning products. This means that the oven can be used immediately after cleaning is complete, which is unlike other methods of stove or range cleaning.

FAQ on Stove and Range Cleaning

Here are some frequently asked questions about our stove cleaning services or range.

What does “No-Added Caustic Solution” mean?

Oven cleaning solutions can often be corrosive. This can lead to damage to surfaces that you want to clean. Our solution is called “No-Added Caustic” and is therefore non-corrosive. This means that the cleaning solution is non-corrosive and can leave a beautiful finish. This means that unlike traditional cleaning fluids, the no-added caustic cleaner can be used immediately after it has been cleaned. You don’t need to wait.

What is the Stove Cleaning Process?

Ovenclean has developed a great process to clean your stove top or range. First, remove any parts from the oven. Next, you will need to soak them in a non-caustic bath. To remove any grease or grime, we will next scrub the Stove. After that, we can reassemble the Stove and use it immediately due to the non-caustic bathtub.

How long does Stove cleaning take?

It is possible to take a different amount of time depending on how large the Stove is. The average range cleaning time is about an hour to an and a half.

How often should I have my Stove cleaned?

It is difficult to say how often your Stove should be cleaned. We recommend cleaning your Stove every six to twelve month if you use it often. However, if you cook a lot or use your Stove a lot, it is worth considering cleaning your Stove more often to maintain its pristine condition.

How much does Stove Cleaning cost?

Ovenclean is a company that specializes in providing a cost-effective and efficient service. Our stove cleaning service is affordable, even though the cost will depend on what type of Stove you use. Get a free quote today.

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