Even if you’re being careful, there are inherent dangers to working on a roof, regardless of your height. New Zealand has a high rate of roof-related falls. Regulations have changed to reflect this fact in recent years.

Roof edge protection systems are essential for safety. INTAKS has some great tips to help you make the most of your edge protection.

Make a plan

You will need an edge protection system if you are working on a roof. Being prepared is the best thing to do. To avoid delays in your project, get in touch with edge protector suppliers and manufacturers.

Get started early

Edge protection will be beneficial to everyone involved in your project, from sub-contractors to contractors to builders. Edge protection can be installed early to make it easier, more productive, and safer for everyone involved.

Make sure you install correctly

An installation is just as important as a safety precaution. It is important to find a company that provides easy-to-install edge protection that can be used on different work sites.

Edge protection is not all created equal

When it comes to safety, your workers deserve the best. Edge protection is a crucial part of safety. Make sure to choose a company that is trustworthy and who can explain the requirements.

INTAKS roof edge protection system is designed, engineered and tested in NZ.

Protect everyone

Edge protection protects roof workers from falling off a roof. It is obvious. These could include plumbers, electricians, heat pump installers, roofers and painters as well as property inspectors.

Edge protection systems offer additional safety to those who are on the ground. It protects clients, pedestrians and ground workers from falling large materials. INTAKS offers a mesh screen solution that goes in front the handrails. This protects people on the ground from being struck by smaller objects or tools.

These tips will help you have a productive and safe work environment.

Get in touch today with INTAKS Australasia’s leading edge protection suppliers, manufacturers and designers if you are thinking about a roofing project.

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