Renting doesn’t have to mean accepting someone else’s style. Here are 21 cheap and clever tricks to help you create maximum impact in your home without breaking rental rules. Here are some of our best decorating tips for rental properties.

Update your lighting

There is an easy and inexpensive fix for fluorescent light fixtures or old, horrible lights. Place floor and table lights strategically in your living rooms and bedrooms. Buy some DIY light fixtures to use bare bulbs or light shades that can be removed.

Hardware Upgrade

Unscrew all the cabinet handles and replace them with new ones to modernize your kitchen or bathroom! Remember to store the old handles in a labeled zip-lock bag securely.

The more plants, the better

Indoor plants can instantly transform any room into a beautiful and homely space. You can also use them if you live in an apartment with no yard. You can find out which plants are popular in interiors. If you have trouble keeping plants alive, the guide to 20 tough-to-kill indoor plants will be a lifesaver!

Make your storage

A custom cabinet is not an option for a renter, but a flatpack cube unit can quickly and easily add storage. It can be styled with attractive and functional baskets, and you can add some trinkets or art on top.

Rugs can be used to protect and cover floors.

Renting carpets is a great way to save money, but they can be drab. A beautiful plush rug can instantly add a touch of glam to a room. You can move a high-quality rug from one home to another if you buy it. Bonus: Your rental carpet will also be protected against spills and wear, and you’ll appreciate that when it comes time to receive your bond!

Buy beautiful bedding

Beautiful, luxurious bed linen will personalize and enhance your bedroom. It will add color and texture and make it feel special. A new quilt can significantly impact your bed, which is one of the most prominent surfaces in the room. It’s our favorite decorating hack for rental properties.

Use curtains to cover up ugly walls and blinds.

Hang some beautiful curtains to soften or cover an ugly blind! You can choose from thick blackout curtains or sheer drapes. You can get temporary shades like these from IKEA. You can buy a spring-loaded rod at your local hardware shop if you don’t wish to screw hooks in the wall.

Temporary wallpaper

You can find a wide selection of temporary wall decals and wallpaper online. They are easy to apply and remove once finished. You can add wallpaper to a wall and create an interesting focal point.

Artwork on display

You can use the nails or hooks that are already on your wall. Invest in beautiful artwork that can be adapted to a wide range of colors so it will move with you. We’ve rounded up the best online art stores.

Use removable command strips, tape, and hooks if there aren’t any hooks to avoid making holes in your walls. If you don’t have enough wall space to hang your artwork, place it against the wall, on top of bookshelves or storage units, or on the floor if the piece is significant.

Art doesn’t need to be framed. We’ve said it before, but it’s still worth repeating: Art does not have to be prepared. There are many options for wall art that don’t require a frame. The wall light panels are also a great way to add ambient lighting and can often be controlled wirelessly by your smartphone.

Customize your kitchen splashback.

There are many options for a temporary kitchen splashback. These funky stickers from Etsy are just one example. If you want to remove it, it should be easy to do. You can also use some eucalyptus to get rid of any residue.

Decorate your furniture, not your walls.

There are ways to avoid putting anything on the wall if you’re afraid! You can paint or wallpaper the backs of tall bookcases or storage units. If you’re looking for something you can update easily, you could cut out cardboard and shape them, then paint or wrap them with fabric and secure them on the backs of shelves. You can also brighten your room by giving tables, chairs, and stools a new coat of paint.

Create a temporary wall gallery.

Washi tape in different colors can be used as an alternative to frames on the wall. It is beautiful and easy to remove without damaging your walls.

The perfect furniture is worth investing in

Buy furniture you love coming home to. Choose pieces that can be used in many different room sizes and shapes.

Hanging space can be created by using decorative ladders.

Wall ladders are a great way to add color to walls without hooks or nails. Gina displayed magazines and a potted plant on a ladder she used in her living area. In the bathroom, you can use it to hang extra towels!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Throws, cushions, and trinkets can create a space that reflects your style. These items are easy to move from one home to another and do not damage the surface. There is a homewares collection for every budget at places like Kmart Big W, Target, and Big W.

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