Our latest home tour takes us to a home where neutrals and colors are perfectly balanced. This colorful family home features stunning artwork throughout. You’ll be stealing design inspirations left, right, and center.

Explore this beautiful home, styled by the incredibly talented Nicole Rosenberg of Liberty Interiors.

This holiday home is in Victoria’s Mount Martha and belongs to a Melbourne couple with a large extended family (6 children and twelve grandchildren!) This home is a haven of relaxation the minute you walk in.

Nicole laughs. “It is a big place!”

It’s a two-story house with six bedrooms upstairs and three bathrooms. The bunk room downstairs has three bunk beds with trundles, so nine kids can sleep there. Imagine the sleepovers! The room has its bathroom as well.”

Nicole, the interior decorator she hired, transformed the space into a holiday home that she described as having a modern-boho, relaxed vibe.

The client wanted to feel relaxed and comfortable on the beach but not “too beachy.”

Nicole explains that creating spaces where her children and grandchildren would feel comfortable and welcome was essential.

The home has windows on every wall. We had to be very careful about the window furnishings because the natural light was coming in from all angles.

We wanted to warm the interiors, so we used warmer tones in the dining chairs and pendants. We avoided bright whites or blue greys.

This colorful family home is filled with artwork in nearly every room.

“We wanted to make the art fun, colorful, and elicit a feeling.

“We worked with artists like Stuart Cantor, Remy Gerega, and others known for their photographic prints of exotic holiday destinations. Georgie Wilson created the artwork in the hallway. It features a palm with her bright and colorful signature tones.

“The client wanted a lot of colors color, so we used it in some rooms but kept the rest more subdued. In the adults retreat, we used a Leah Bartholomew original piece of art and painted the walls soft grey. The work was in warm pastel shades, which we incorporated into our soft furnishings.

We wanted to make the colors more vibrant in the kids’ retreat with the bold Remy Gerega Water Print. We brought in a blue couch from Globewest to make this room more fun for kids!

Nicole’s home is a testament to her fabulous style. Nicole’s top 5 tips are for creating a stylish and functional family home.

When catering to young children, consider using durable fabrics with a warmer tone. Blends of wool and linen are better than 100% wool.

Separate rooms for different age categories. You can customize the interiors according to the age groups!

Spend more money on durable pieces.

Nicole laughs. “Oh, and don’t use upholstered chairs if you have kids!” Nicole laughs. “Oh, and don’t use upholstered seats if you have children!” Storage is essential for a family with many members. Think about making your home look tidy when needed.

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