We understand how difficult it can be to work or feel inspired in a drab office. These simple ideas for creating a stylish office won’t cost you a fortune.

We’ve got some quick and inexpensive ideas to transform your home office.


It would help if you cleared your workspace of papers, folders, and books you don’t use. Put away items you will not use in the next three months.

Decluttering your home will give you a new base to start styling. It will also instantly bring calmness and order.

Organize yourself

It’s not worth organizing your office if you don’t use it. Otherwise, it will look like a mess in no time.

It would help to have storage solutions such as magazine boxes, baskets, and folders to keep your paperwork organized. Consider adding a wall-mounted shelf for maximum storage. It will also add style.

New Stationery

New stationery is a must-have for creating a stylish office at home. Not only does it add color to your workspace, but it also makes it more fun! Typo Nikki. K, Temple & Webster, and HTML3_ kikki. K HTML3_ are some of our favorite places to buy beautiful, affordable notebooks, pens, and other stationery.

Inspirational memo board

You can achieve your goals by seeing them every day. An inspirational or memo board can add interest to your wall and help you achieve your goals.

Pins are a great way to keep track of your work priorities and pin magazine cutouts.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are among our favorite style props. They look great and have several health benefits – from purifying the air to reducing blood pressure and stress.


If you add indoor plants, you can have some fun with how you display them. !

You don’t have to use drab planters or pots. There are so many other options available. Here are our favorite ways to display indoor plants.


It’s not just about adding some style to your workspace. Good lighting is a must.

Table lamps are the easiest way to add task light to your desk. With so many options available, you can choose one that is a focal point.

Wall Art

A framed print or artwork is another way to add some life to your walls. You can create your wall art using Picmonkey. It’s a great way to save money. You might need it in your office to overcome writer’s block or procrastinate.

Floor rug

We are surprised at how few home offices have carpet. This item can completely transform your office, anchoring it and adding softness. Learn the do’s and dont when choosing a rug.


Candles are a beautiful decor item and can also be used to scent your office. The flickering flame of a candle can even have a soothing effect.


You may have a bookshelf or be able to fit one into your office.

The styling possibilities of a bookshelf are endless. It’s essential to get it right. There are no strict rules for styling, but some tips include stacking books horizontally or vertically, adding a collection, layering objects (think of a small item placed on top of two stacked books), and incorporating artwork.

Office chair

Do you deserve a better chair at work? If your office chair is dull or (worse!) Treat yourself to a brand new chair, or upcycle your old one. Refurbished chairs look fantastic and are a great alternative.

Framed photos

Framed photos are another popular accessory. They can brighten your day on a bad day and remind you of what you work for.

Window Coverings

It’s time to replace your old curtains or blinds if it’s been over ten years since they were replaced. It will be relatively inexpensive to update the furnishings of one or two windows at your office. This will transform the room dramatically.

Fresh flowers

A beautiful bouquet is another of our simple ideas for creating a stylish office at home.

Consider making your floral arrangements instead of visiting the florist every week. Recent expert floral artist Chellie published a guide to making your floral arrangement.

Features wall

Consider painting or adding wallpaper on a feature or all four walls.

Do you want to use wallpaper but need to figure out how? You should be aware of the most important things.


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