Cabinetry is a popular trend in home design and social media. It’s essential for every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. It’s also for a good reason! Experts in design, like Joanna Gaines, the co-host of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” are known for using cornucopia cabinetry throughout their homes.

Custom cabinets for the Kitchen and Beyond

Custom shelves and cabinets will add style and organization to your laundry room, garage, basement, and other areas. They can also organize and decorate bedrooms, shared spaces, and even the home office.

Add Open Shelving

An interior designer, Gaines suggests adding “cubbies” and incorporating shelving for every age group – including children’s rooms and work-from-home spaces.

Lynn Noble is another long-time advocate of custom cabinetry. She is an author, photographer, and designer, as well as a former QVChost. Noble says, “We have custom cabinets throughout our home.” She says custom built-ins are the best way to create a space with style, calm, and beauty. Noble, the author of “The Power of a Smile,” says that custom built-ins can unify a room, allowing homeowners to showcase a specific feature such as a family photo, a prized heirloom, or a valuable craft.

The ease of cleaning and organizing is another benefit of cabinets and shelving. Noble observes that “everything has its place, and it all fits together very well.” She also says that custom fixtures can reduce dust and allergens, which can accumulate under or behind the furniture. This is a big plus for today’s homes.

Custom cabinets are available in various styles, including cubbies and entertainment centers. They can also include drawers, pull-outs, window seats, and closets. Styles can be anything from modern and sleek to traditional and farmhouse rustic or transitional.

Cabinets for every room!

Custom cabinetry is genuinely limitless. Our design experts and artisans work with homeowners at Kitchen Magic to bring their wish lists to life. Kitchen Magic’s team has selected a few of their favorite rooms and design ideas.

  • Laundry room: Store and hide your wardrobe and cleaning essentials such as detergents, clothes irons, ironing boards, stain removers, and other items.
  • Kitchen Pantry: Organize your panty space with storage options. These solutions can be rolled out quickly and are organized in splendor.
  • Home office: Custom shelving can help you save space, organize your workspace and provide lighting.
  • Basement: Custom cabinets can be used for various purposes, from entertainment centers to workout and fitness areas or as a workroom. They add functionality and style.
  • Coffee or Wine Bar – Store your wine collection beautifully and functionally, or create a cappuccino, coffee, and beverage bar.
  • Great Room/Family Room: You can save space using better storage solutions for your TV, sound system, music collection, and other items. Custom cabinets are the best way to maximize a room’s beauty.
  • Mud Room: Store and stow jackets, footwear, and seasonal gear. Sports equipment, and more, with a stylish design inspired by Pinterest and HGTV lookbooks.


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