The addition of glass-fronted cabinets to your kitchen is a great idea. Glass-front cabinets are a great way to break up the monotony in a kitchen design. They also have aesthetically pleasing and functional benefits. This will give the impression of a spacious and open kitchen.

If you are considering a kitchen cabinet remodel in Milford, CT, it’s a great time to think about what glass-front doors can do to enhance your kitchen’s layout and style.

Why use glass cabinets in your kitchen?

In recent years, glass cabinet door designs have been more of a standard than a fashion in the kitchen. Some of the benefits of using glass-fronted cabinets include:

  • Create depth to make small spaces seem larger
  • cabinets with glass fronts that allow for seasonal and pops of color to be displayed.
  • Reflective surfaces and the use of available light to enhance the design

Depending on the contents, glass cabinet doors are an excellent option for both aesthetic and functional appeal. Glass-fronted cabinets are a great alternative to open-shelf cabinets. They will keep your collectibles protected.

What is the most common glass front used for kitchen cabinet doors today?

When working with homeowners to select kitchen remodeling products, we have noticed three distinct trends.

Reeded Glass can elevate your kitchen design.

Plain glass cabinet doors have one small problem: you can see through them. They are great if you use them to house seasonal or decorative decor. Clear Glass can be intimidating to some families because there are fewer places for them to hide their clutter. Reeded glass panels can be a wise choice in these cases. They provide all the benefits of glass doors while simultaneously camouflaging mix-and-match kitchenware and any “the-kids-put-the-dishes-away” results away from viewers.

This style is a vertical pattern with repeated lines. Consider how this style will complement the other textures and patterns you intend to incorporate into your kitchen. If your floor or backsplash has a directional way, then you should choose the next trend.

Add a splash to the water glass.

Another popular choice is water glass cabinet doors. The pattern is more complex and nonlinear and works in traditional and contemporary kitchens. This pattern is slightly less transparent than the reeded one, so keep this in mind when choosing what to display behind it.

You may prefer a water-glass texture if your floor, backsplash, or countertop has a complex pattern. Water glass patterns are a great addition to a modern, sleek kitchen. You can also consider appliances with glass doors with your glass-fronted cabinets. This built-in wine refrigerator is a great example.

Clear Glass is the best choice for pure vision.

Most remodeling homeowners choose clear Glass as an original. Clear glass front cabinets can be used in farmhouse-styled kitchens and traditional, transitional, and modern designs. Clear glass cabinets are a great way to show off the cabinet’s contents and demonstrate your willingness to keep them clean.

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