This home tour is in a class of its own. Marble bathrooms, chevron flooring, intricate plasterwork… It’s no surprise that the Stylesmiths team was behind this! Transcontinental Residence combines European design with contemporary living.

This Georgian-style townhouse is located in an active Melbourne neighborhood.

Initially built in 2009, this home needed a major redesign to bring out its best features and refresh its soul. Julia and Paul, the homeowners, enlisted The Stylesmiths’ help to find a style honoring the original architecture.

The original home had a dark and moody color palette, not to Julia and Paul’s taste. Patricia Davila, a style smith, and David Puckering, a designer, collaborated on this project to create a transcontinental house with references to Italian, Parisian, and Turkish influences.

The result is an airier, more livable home. The result is a private urban oasis nestled in a vibrant neighborhood of apartments, markets, and commercial buildings. It combines the couple’s love for antique furniture, travel, and family time.

The central courtyard is a standout feature of this luxury home. It creates a fantastic backdrop for the lower interior.

This home is a typical Melbourne property from the street. Once inside, you’ll find a haven of peace away from the city. Classical European design meets modern living.

Two bronze sculptures of brolgas are visible in the central courtyard. Julia and Paul have created a home that feels like a gallery, with their favorite art pieces, old-world details, and modern luxury.

This townhouse is a downsize but still has four levels. It also comes with an elevator in case the staircase gets too overwhelming!

The reception lobby may not be a place we can all boast about, yet for Julia and Paul, it is an art piece in its own right.

This home features a four-car garage, formal living, and informal spaces, many bedrooms, a marble kitchen, an entertaining retreat with a rooftop heated pool and BBQ, a steam room, and a cinema room.

Each room is beautifully composed with beautiful textures and furnishings. They blend perfectly with the architecture and joinery of the room and the contemporary artworks.

The home is primarily white and grey, but there are some bright pops of color to add a little fun and life.

It is a great way to connect your home’s formal and informal areas. The luxurious calacatta stone and the array of built-in appliances give it a sense of sophistication. Included are the coffee maker and steamer. Also had is a Teppanyaki plate, as well as three ovens. — ovens.

White and gray to bright and bold. Color is a constant in the informal dining and living rooms. The stunning velvet green sofas with burnt orange accents are the most striking. The rooms are connected by elegant French doors that open onto the tranquil gardens. These gardens were designed to resemble a Parisian-style garden.

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