It’s that time of year again, Lovelies! To help you save money, we have shared some of our favorite Kmart Christmas Hacks. You can buy Christmas decorations, but we have some ideas on making them more personal or DIY.

Hack your living wreath.

Amanda Massey has shared a minimalistic succulent wreath. She said she attached the sphagnum with a fishing wire to the Kmart Wicker Wreath and used a glue gun to fix the succulents.

Once Christmas is over, you can take the succulents out of the wreath and plant them again. Kmart has faux succulents if you need more confidence using the real thing.

Twinkly floral Christmas wreath

What a way to make a statement. Antoinette Favoury created this stunning Kmart Hacks Christmas wreath. It features faux flowers, twinkling fairy lights, and a beautiful Kmart Christmas wreath.

She used a Kmart Christmas wreath and swapped out the ornaments with faux flowers, tree picks, and LED fairy lights. The red berries, pine cones, and artificial stems add a festive touch.

DIY wreath bauble tassel

This Kmart hack is a DIY wreath bauble-tassel. Ashlee, a clever and creative woman, made this ornament that can be added to any Christmas wreath. Use jute twine and a variety of baubles that are similar in tone and size.

OTT Christmas tree styling

After choosing your wreath, it’s time to move inside to the main attraction — the Christmas Tree. Here are some Kmart Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas to help you achieve the wow look without spending a fortune.

Alicia has created a beautiful white and gold Christmas Tree. She used a wicker collar for the tree, a Kmart train track, and several tree picks.

Decorate your Christmas tree with traditional decorations.

You bet, Kmart. Leonie’s traditional Christmas theme includes nutcrackers, deer, snowflakes, angels, and snowflakes. This image was chosen because the Christmas gift wrappings enhance the festive atmosphere, don’t they? It might inspire you to start your Christmas shopping early to enjoy your beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts.

Beautiful Native-Inspired Christmas Tablescape

Jackie Hagart designed this stunning Christmas tablescape using almost all Kmart products. The woven basket is a glass vase with a large white pillar, a Christmas runner, and a native garland. Who knew Kmart looked this good?!

Scented Christmas decoration idea

We are obsessed with essential oil. They’re used a lot at home for cleaning and diffusing. At Christmas, the right scent can instantly evoke festive cheer.

This clever hack uses a Kmart light-up decoration infused with Christmas tree scent to create a fake Christmas tree! This is for all of us with an artificial tree who wish it was real!

Make your own Christmas ornaments.

Here’s an easy and stylish decoration that you can make yourself! Soph created these rainbow tree ornaments using hemp cord and wooden beads from Kmart.

Kmart bracelets were used to create the most adorable miniature wreaths. She also made raffia and pom-pom baubles with Kmart craft items. We are amazed by her talent!

Terrazzo coaster ornaments

These Kmart coasters transformed into terrazzo-like ornaments are another DIY Christmas tree decoration idea.

Christmas tree napkins

After the Christmas tree comes to the Christmas table as the essential part of your home’s Christmas style, let’s look at some simple and affordable ways to elevate your Christmas table using Kmart styling tricks and hacks.

We have to share with you this stylish tablescape featuring everything Kmart. The adorable Christmas tree-shaped napkins are our favorite part of this look! Martha Stewart’s site has a video showing how to fold your Christmas tree napkins.

This is the craze for pool noodles.

We couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful Christmas table decorations made out of pool noodles last year! There were some cool ones and some that could have been better. It’s an excellent way to decorate on the cheap. Here’s how to do it:

  • Grab yourself pool noodles, some Christmas ornaments in the color scheme of your choice, and some greenery to decorate.
  • Use hot glue to cover the noodles in as many greenery leaves as possible. You can use ornaments such as the one below if your budget permits.
  • Get creative by adding your Christmas ornaments and gluing as you go to create a table centerpiece that is OTT for less.

Traditional Christmas table style

  • Caroline has created a simple table that is inspired by nature. If you like classic Christmas style, this may be the perfect choice. This look is easy to recreate using pillar candles, faux stems, and Kmart wood decor. Even novice DIYers can create this look.

This idea will help you to keep your Christmas table decorations in place.

  • A clever mum devised a brilliant idea to keep your beautifully curated and carefully curated centerpiece for the Christmas table intact while you enjoy your meal!
  • She suggests using the Kmart extendable shelves to pop them over the top. You can now safely store all of your Christmas treats above your décor.

Moving Christmas centerpiece

  • We also love creating your centerpiece as a box to move to the side once it’s time for the food.
  • This is one of the most affordable yet stylish ideas for decorating a Christmas table. It uses a Kmart Bamboo Storage Box, candles, and foraged foliage.

Minimalist Christmas Vignette

  • You can decorate your home in a variety of ways. We couldn’t end this roundup of Kmart hacks for Christmas without sharing some vignettes or sideboard ideas.
  • Jem, one of our favorite Instagrammers, styled her sideboard with affordable finds from Kmart. This includes the glass cloche as well as apothecary bottles. This is a more restrained approach to Christmas styling, and we love it.

Create a village that is lit up.

  • Wow! We thought we were the most significant Christmas fan until we saw this setup! Using Kmart items, Toni transformed her kitchen island into a magical Christmas wonderland.
  • She painted her houses pink and white and then dusted them with Kmart’s pearl glitter.


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