We will take you on a home tour in Burraneer, a bayside suburb in Sydney. We’re sure you’ll be pinning more than a couple of these photos to your Pinboard account. Richelle Langdon, the designer behind this fantastic home makeover from Oliver Myles Interiors, is interviewed. It’s a real treat.

Richelle says that her view was the inspiration for the entire home renovation.

The clients requested that their homes be bright, light, and airy. Richelle says the clients wanted “clean lines, uncluttered and chilled.”

The discussion occurred over a crisp white wine, a chilled playlist, and panoramic views of the water and National Park.

This busy family of five professionals (plus two adorable Cavoodles) found it difficult to warm up their home.

“Although the views are the focus of almost every room, the interior lacked detail. We did not want to compete against mother nature, so we nestled this space into the surrounding environment.

The fish tank is one of the most impressive features of this home.

The family’s passion for tropical fish inspired this focal point. The space is less well-lit and expansive than the rest of the house, so lighting was a priority.

The tank measures 3.5m in length. The tank’s location was carefully planned to accommodate the large volume of joinery needed to house it without dominating the area.

Richelle says the design was kept cool (like a fish) using V Grooves, tile, timber, and stone. She also made use of negative spaces.

We wanted to know what Richelle liked best about the renovation.

Richelle says that the big-ticket items, such as the wine refrigerator and fish tank, make a room stand out.

The more minor details are what make me the happiest.

“The ones I thought would be impossible to finish at the start of the project. My clients were surprised by their willingness to embrace things outside their comfort zones.

“Things like the splashback tile, tribal-inspired cushions, and cowhide rugs. Richelle smiles and says, “It’s all the little details.”

Richelle’s style is so good that we had to get her home-styling tips.

Think about the use of black punctuation. The repetition of minor hits will stimulate and create connections.

Use neutral textures and patterns to create depth if you are uncomfortable with colors.

“Always include greenery – plants can change the game. The foliage is a great way to add color and fill voids. This is an absolute must!

My top tip on selecting the best white paint would be first to decide whether you want a cool or warm white. Cool white can be warmed up by a room facing north, but a room facing south could feel cold.

“Hot Tip — View your choice next to a pure white like Dulux VividWhite, and all will become clear! Now you can confidently choose a color for your home.

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