We often come across homes that immediately calm and relax us. Prepare yourself for some seriously chilled vibes as we show you the bright, light, and beachy home designed by Villa Styling.

Louise is a sought-after interior stylist. Her home is as beautiful as the homes she styles and shares in her Instagram feed.

Our home is located in Moreton Bay, just north of Brisbane. Steven and I love living here.

It’s a two-story bungalow from the 1970s with three bedrooms, two baths, two living rooms, and an office.

She laughs, “It wasn’t always this good,” she says.

When we bought the house, the basement was empty. The cellar had no walls, only a concrete slab and a garage with two bays! It was a massive project, and it is still one today!

Louise and their husband have been able to concentrate on specific areas of their home by tackling the renovations in phases.

Even the upstairs needed a lot of work because our house had been a rental property. We added new carpeting and flooring, as well as painting everything.

Louise says, “We combined two original upstairs bedrooms to create the Main Suite — it has ended up as my favorite space in the home!”

“I am super lucky because my husband is a tradesman and did most of the work by himself.

We wanted to add the arch to the living room to replicate the original. It was suggested that we remove it, but I refused to listen, and it is now a beautiful feature!

Louise’s budget has been a significant factor in her renovations. She tackled each area one at a time. This gives Louise an entirely new appreciation for the beautiful furniture and décor she already owns.

Louise says the budget for renovating and gutting our top floor is only $30,000.

Stay tuned! We have also worked on the outside, adding an enormous deck and landscaping to our garden to create a tropical paradise.

Because money is tight, I slowly collected over the years and added what you can see in our house now.

Louise has mastered the art of creating style on a budget. She adds special touches to every corner.

“I knew that we needed good storage at an affordable price. She laughs. “I dreamed of stunning rattan cabinetry, but the budget wouldn’t stretch!”

“Instead, I used the PAX System from Ikea because it is so flexible. Being a designer, I wanted to add a little wow.

“I decided to wallpaper the space between the shelves to cover the holes and use it as a dressing table. I had leftover Kethy handles from an interior project I bought on eBay. It’s a simple fix but gives the cabinets that special touch.”

Louise’s dream home is a beach house described as old-school style.

“My favorite colors are teal, sand, and grey. The beach inspires me, and I want to create a beach house feel at home. My inspiration came to mind, and I started collecting pieces I liked.

Louise smiles and says, “I wanted to create a style that looked like surf magazines I read as a child for our home.”

Louise’s best home-styling tips were essential to us.

First, consider how you’ll use the space. Select items carefully, choosing the more oversized items that are functional and still fit your budget.

Buy feather inserts for decorator cushions. This not only makes them look better, but it also makes them more comfortable to use.

Buy king or queen-size pillows to use as decorator pillows, and hide your sleeping pillows behind. It’s stylish and comfortable!

“Pick a rug that is durable and practical. Buy a carpet that is pet-friendly if you have animals. Woolen rugs are not stable.

It is essential to choose chairs that you can sit comfortably on. Try them on in the store before you buy!

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