The styles of kitchen cabinet doors often need to be more generalized, giving homeowners a complete picture. This is the case when comparing raised panel cabinets to their flat panel counterparts. This article focuses on the two most common cabinet styles, highlighting their differences and pointing out the pros, cons, and advantages of each without concentrating on current trends.

Raised and flat panel cabinet doors explained

Some might consider raised-panel cabinet doors more “traditional,” while flat-paneled options, such as shaker-style cabinets, are considered more “timeless.” Both kitchen cabinet door designs have stood the test of time and work in many different kitchen design styles.

You are the only one who can decide what you like. The most important thing to consider when designing your new kitchen is your preferred style and design. Before starting your kitchen remodel, you should ask yourself: What design style will you enjoy for many years to come?

For example, Shaker-style cabinets are popular among homeowners who want to create a transitional look or pay homage to a classic farmhouse kitchen. Keep in mind, however, that kitchen design trends change and evolve, and each kitchen is unique.

Raised Panel Cabinets

Raised panel cabinetry has been considered luxurious for centuries because of the additional ornamentation that gives it a furniture quality, and the craftsmanship is usually expensive. Raised panel cabinetry is a popular choice for those who appreciate beautiful woodwork.

Raised panel doors were trendy in the 1960s and 1970s. However, they began to fade away as quick-build homes took precedence over custom-made ones and simple decor was preferred.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors:

  • The door panel is higher than the frame
  • A more prosperous, more traditional look
  • Woodgrains are great for highlighting the beauty of wood.
  • Raised panels may have arched or curvy details.

The Pros

Raised panel cabinet doors are a favorite among those who enjoy their artistic appearance, warmth, and elaborate or luxurious appearance. Raised panel cabinet doors resemble coffered ceilings and beautiful crown molding. You can exercise your design skills as you browse through the many elegant options.

The Cons

Raised panel cabinets require much more work to maintain, clean, and polish. It would be best if you also balanced the complexity of your kitchen cabinets with embellished ones. Raised-panel cabinet doors can be more expensive than shaker or flat-style doors.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors in Shaker and Flat Panel Style

Due to the popularity of farmhouses and modern design trends, flat panel cabinets have become popular in kitchen design. It’s because contemporary and farmhouse designs are opposites. The first is “now,” while the second is more traditional. However, flat panel cabinet door complements both styles.

It’s a good reminder always to follow your style preferences. It’s also worth mentioning that cabinet hardware, such as Cup Pulls, can add a new dimension to your kitchen design.

Flat Panel Cabinet Door Features:

  • Cabinet panels without borders or, like in the shaker style options, doors can have a simple raised edge
  • A lack of ornamentation and intricate detail
  • Straight Lines and Right Angles
  • They promote a sleek and clean aesthetic

The Pros

Flat panel cabinet doors are popular because of their simple and streamlined appearance. They also make cleaning more accessible, as there are fewer details that can catch dirt and grease. This flat panel style of cabinet door is also less expensive than options with raised panels.

The Cons

Many homeowners claim that flat-paneled doors are more visible due to fingerprints and dog noses, even though they’re easy to maintain and clean. If you do not add visual interest to other parts of your kitchen design, their simplicity can give the room a flat appearance. Flat panel cabinets look best in solid colors, even though stained options are available. If you like the look of woodgrain, then a raised panel cabinet might be better for you.

Take into account your style.

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