Today’s coastal kitchens have a new look and feel that is a refreshing take on a minimalist palette and a calm, relaxed design—bye-bye to tacky seafaring decor and kitschy accessories.

This new coastal-style kitchen is a haven for everyone. This soothing style is also suited to any waterfront, whether a lakehouse or a sea stream. Even those who live on land may want to create a coastal-inspired retreat perfect for a vacation-inspired aesthetic.

The first thing homeowners should do is choose a soft and calming palette. Colors for coastal areas range from dreamy neutrals that evoke sand and sea to vibrant California colors combined with sand whites. Maximize natural light to create a stunning coastal kitchen. The great outdoors can be a massive bonus to bringing nature into your kitchen.

Cabinetry, furniture, and accents can be made from natural wood or Driftwood. Some contemporary designs include hardware in stark contrasts, such as metallics or blacks that reflect the sun.

The New Nautical

The coastal kitchen has been refined and opened up to include a Nantucket-blue kitchen and new takes on maritime themes. A minimal palette is best for maritime ventures – think about an early morning stroll on a deserted island. A classic New England kitchen will benefit from the simplicity and depth of white quartz or Cambria counters.

A patterned or wave-inspired backsplash will add movement to your home. Anchored with natural elements like Driftwood, you’ll achieve a timeless look.

Rustic Coastal

Imagine your lighthouse or a cozy coastal retreat close to the cape. A rustic kitchen can be classic, minimalist, masculine, or modern. It relies on the textures of Driftwood, wood, and sand. Whether from the lake, river, or seaside, Driftwood adds a rustic, soft element to the home. The mystery behind the journey of Driftwood before it washed ashore makes it so romantic.

Consider kitchen cabinetry inspired by Driftwood, whether custom-made or made from beautiful wood veneers. You can use these to reface your cabinetry with colors like Driftwood on oak, cherry, maple, or maple. Driftwood can be custom-made to accent a signature feature or kitchen island. The wood can either be unassuming or dramatic.

Contemporary Coastal

Chic contemporary coastal kitchens are available in various styles, from breezy and easy to sleek and striking. You can choose between a bold, glamorous design (think Jersey Shore or Miami) and a minimalist beach house for a writer’s retreat on the rugged coast of Maine. Consider bold metallic and quartz for the glamorous. The luxury of a five-star beach hotel can be evoked by a striking island made from quartz or a more affordable version in laminate.

The minimalist will prefer shades of white, cream, or gray on the walls. For the artisan retreat, wood floors are weathered gray. Both looks can feature a glass backsplash, contrasting with natural elements such as distressed wood. This creates a striking look similar to beach glass.

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