There are many lighting options for a kitchen, but those placed above a kitchen island will stand out. While pendant lights are still the most popular choice for kitchen island lighting, it can take time to determine which one is right for you. Designer Cara Scarola, principal at BuiltDesign, says that pendant lighting should be considered in three aspects: size, material, and purpose. Also, we need to consider the placement of the lights.

We’ve outlined what to look for when selecting kitchen island lighting. These designer-approved tips will ensure that your kitchen is well-lit and visually appealing.

How can you decide the size of your pendant lighting?

It would help to consider the space available and the number of pendants you intend to hang. You can choose one or more charms. Consider the effect you would like them to create. Scarola says that large, often colorful fixtures make a statement and are a focal point. They also help to separate the island from the rest. Smaller pendants, on the other hand, are subtler and do not dominate the space.

Small fixtures can prevent the institution from getting lost and not giving you the lighting you want. They can overwhelm the space if they are too large. You’ll need to consider placement when you decide on the size.

How do you pick the right place?

Measure your kitchen island’s length, width, and height. Rejuvenation, a top lighting company, recommends leaving 6 to 12 inches between the island’s end and the pendant(s). This can affect the size of your pendant or help you make a decision. The company suggests placing pendant lights 30 to 36 inches above the island countertop.

Jean Stoffer, House Beautiful editorial Director Joanna Saltz, hung three pendants on the 10-foot-long kitchen island. They were placed just above eye level to keep them out of the way of family interaction. A Circa light from Peter Bristol emits a warm, all-around glow. The LED bulbs are integrated into the fixture to avoid unnecessary bulb charges.

How do you select the suitable material?

Consider how the pendant light will work for you when choosing the material. Scarola says pendants with glass or light fabrics are suitable for ambient lighting. But metal or ceramic shade is better if you require directional lighting for specific purposes.

The lights must match the kitchen design. Metal and glass fixtures are great options for modern or industrial looks. You can also go coastal or granmillenial with rattan and fabric shades.

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