How high should a lamp be hung above the dining room table?

A lamp above your dining table can set the mood in your home. Open kitchens are becoming more popular. The kitchen island or dining table is often a focal point of the space. You would expect a cool lamp to match it. A pendant lamp is usually chosen because it creates a separate area in the home. How high can a light hang above the dining room table? These are our tips. You decide what you want, so do it!

What purpose does your pendant lamp serve?

It is essential to think about the function of the lamp above your dining table to find the correct lamp for you. Are you looking for a mood-setting light for a romantic dinner? Do you work at the table and need a functional lamp? You can also use a combination of a standing and pendant lamp to create different moods. This option creates a fun effect in your home. A dimmer is another option to help you set your desired mood.

How far is the distance between a dining table and a pendant lamp?

The pendant light should hang between 60-80 cm above the tabletop. This height provides the best lighting for the table. The pendant light should be positioned so you can see under it while sitting at the table and eye level when standing. You can try different heights, sitting or standing at the table, to get the best result. Are there multiple people living in your house? Most likely, they have different heights. Discuss your options with others to determine the size of your pendant light.

How big is the pendant lamp?

You might accidentally bump your head against a large lamp if it is too high above the table. This is not a good idea. There is an unwritten rule that you should limit the size of your lamp to half of your table’s width. A round table measuring 100 cm in diameter should be hung with a light smaller than 50cm. A lamp should be 50cm high if you have a long table measuring 100x180cm. A round pendant light is often hung above a round table. An elongated beam or pendant light is used to illuminate a rectangular table. This will ensure that the light is used to its maximum potential. The lamp can also be used to accent the dining room. Are you a rebel? You can also play with shapes to create a unique look. You can do whatever you want, as long as it looks good!

Multiple lamps?

For example, a 100x200cm table will not receive enough light from one lamp. Multiple lamps can be hung above long tables. A pendant light can be purchased with various lamps hanging next to each other. You can also make your lamp. This lamp will make your space stand out and illuminate your entire table. Here are some ideas that will inspire you.

How many pendant lights should there be?

Are you curious about the space between pendant lights? This may be a good idea. This is not a requirement. Do what you feel is best. The diameter of your lamp determines the recommended distance. If your lamp is 40cm in diameter, you should leave 40cm between your lamps.

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