It’s only sometimes necessary to replace old cabinet doors. Sometimes, it is enough to make a dramatic change in a kitchen. It’s an easy way to express yourself or create a cohesive theme. It’s crucial to measure accurately your current cabinet doors before ordering custom-built ones. Incorrect measurements can result in disappointing results and cabinets that do not fit properly.

The process is simple if you want to replace cabinet doors or drawers the same size. You will need to use a measuring tool to measure the width and height of each cabinet and drawer front you wish to replace. You can write down the numbers on paper or the online form you use to place your order.

You’ll need to put in some extra effort if you want to change up the look of your kitchen by going with bigger or smaller drawer fronts or doors. Here are some tips for measuring new doors that differ in size from your originals:

  • Understanding what overlays and desired measurements are for your new cabinets is essential. Overlays are how much the door will cover the frame. If two doors open into one cabinet box, with a stile between them, you must decide how many stiles and surrounding structures you want the doors to cover. The manufacturers of cabinet hinges have established a standard measurement for overlays to help you determine the right amount. Ask the company that sells your cabinet doors for advice about overlay measurements. Check out the web pages of many cabinet door companies that describe overlays using visual aids and measuring guidelines.
  • Be sure to measure the cabinet openings. Start the measuring tape at the innermost edge of the frame, and move it across the cabinet opening. Stop the video at the innermost edge of the parallel frame. This would be the width. The same method is used to measure height, but vertically. Measure the cabinet’s first door from the inner edge to the inner side of the middle stile. Repeat the same process on the right side.
  • You may need to calculate the overlays once you have your measurements. You can input your opening measurements on some order forms and choose the overlays you want separately. Others will require you to include the overlays in the same condition.


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