You can make your cabinets reflect a particular design, emphasize a specific theme, or express a sentiment for your family and guests to enjoy. You can choose colors that complement each other, create a stark contrast or play with textures and moldings to give your space a unique look. You can highlight the aspects of your kitchen you like or use decorative or spatial solutions to hide undesirable qualities. Decide on the styles that suit you and your taste before giving your kitchen cabinets a makeover.

Here are some popular kitchen cabinet designs and what they say about your home.

Flat Cabinets

As the name suggests, flat cabinets have a flat surface. These cabinets look great in modern, minimalist kitchens and create the illusion of space, even in small areas, when paired with vertical pulls and tiny knobs. Flat cabinets are popular with homeowners who want to highlight the texture of the drawer, door fronts, or hardware.

Raised Panel Cabinets

Cabinets with raised panels are classic and versatile. Many homes in the United States have raised panel designs such as eyebrow arches or cathedral arches. These are often made of mid-colored or light-colored wood. A glossy white paint or dark wood with a pronounced wood grain can give the impression of luxury.

Glass Cabinets

A popular option is to remove the middle panel from the cabinet and replace it with a glass panel. These doors work well for cabinets that house expensive dinnerware collections, ornaments, or tea sets. Most kitchens use glass cabinets as accent doors.

Distressed cabinets

Distressing is a process that makes new products appear older and worn. Although some homeowners may need help understanding why it is essential to distress their cabinets, the trick to distressing is adding antique or vintage appeal to the cabinets without making them look less appealing. Distressed cabinetry can give a kitchen a rustic charm or an older cottage feel.

Inset Cabinets

Inset cabinets have no overlay and are made to exact measurements. Inset cabinets differ from other cabinet doors or drawer fronts, usually on top of the cabinet frame. Instead, they slide shut and are flush with all the rest of your cabinetry. It creates a smooth, flat surface that can give the appearance of more space.

Louvered Cabinets

Louvered cabinets consist of a wooden frame and a panel in the center. These cabinets can be used for laundry rooms and are good at ventilating. They also have a beautiful look and feel in the kitchen. Louvered cabinets are more expensive than other styles.

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