The spring is finally here, so many people will be cleaning. It involves replacing old and outdated items with new ones that reflect the change in season. The same goes for your kitchen. You can transform your kitchen’s look and feel with a simple paint color change. Here are three paint colors to upgrade your kitchen cabinets cost-effectively and straightforwardly.

Light Grey

Neutral colors are always a good choice. Neutral colors can be used with any color scheme in your house. Neutral colors are available in shades from light to dark. A light gray is a perfect neutral color that can be used for your kitchen. It’s not too bright but still gives you that spring feeling.

Terracotta Clay

Sherwin Williams has selected this warm color as the official “2019 Colour of the Year”. This earthy shade is perfect for those who want a little more color without being too bold. Terracotta Clay is a warm color used to paint kitchen cabinets. This color would look great with wood floors in your kitchen.

Sage Green

Pastel colors are immediately associated with spring. Sage green is the perfect shade of green, right between a pastel and a neutral dark color. Use sage on your cabinets to add color but not overwhelm. This is especially true if you have a small kitchen.

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