Decking can be used in gardens as a lighter alternative to paving. It is versatile and can be used for any purpose, including garden patios, outdoor restaurant areas, and beach-front piers.

There are many things to consider when selecting the right timber decking perth design.

Decking is the ideal place to enjoy outdoor dining and sunbathing. Timber decking can be modern or traditional and looks great anywhere.

There are many things to consider when building a new deck. When building a new deck, it is important to take into account many aspects.

These are some things to consider when you’re considering timber decking.

How is the terrain?

Are you unsure if the terrain is flat, sloping or bumpy. If you answered yes to the first, then you might want to call in specialist landscaping contractors that can safely operate diggers and soil compacting machinery.

There might be additional considerations regarding labour costs depending on the size and shape of the area. It is important to consider whether the area will need to be built or leveled to meet set requirements.

Where is the decking going to be constructed?

Do you want the timber decking to be in direct sunlight or shade? Will there be natural shade or will it need a screen or pergola to protect against the wind? The type of timber you choose will depend on where it is located. What will trees, shrubs and boundaries do to provide privacy and increase maintenance and cleaning?

It is possible to include almost any feature: planter boxes and seats, trellis, pergolas or storage boxes, as well as features such a planter box, seat, trellis, pergolas and storage boxes. There will likely be a need for a balustrade and handrail.

There are many species of timber, as well as strength and durability grades. For raised decks, you will need to use the appropriate grade for your structure, such grade C16 or C24.

It is a good idea to hire a structural engineer to help you specify the decking spans, strength grades, and joists.

What purpose will decking serve?

Will the deck be used as a private area for a home or for the public with heavy footfall, like at a beachfront location? Are you using the deck for entertainment, family or entertaining? If so, do you need to keep it clean or add anti-slip strip. The type of use you are using will determine the profile and style of your decking.

How much weight does it have to support?

Decking is often used to support free-standing swimming pool or hot-tubs. These can hold extraordinary weights, so you will need to account for them in your substructure calculations.

Perhaps it will serve as a base to build a shed, garden pavilion, conservatory or summer house. You will want to ensure that your deck’s structural specifications will withstand the test of time.

Specification of your materials

Although hardwoods are more costly, they offer better durability and don’t require chemical impregnation. They can also be stronger so they are more cost-effective when heavy loads are required.

However, impregnated softwoods are typically the most expensive, but they are less durable and stronger. Your decking should last at most for a few years if you take good care of it after installation.

Although they are often hidden, the joists will be the most visible parts of the structure. They can be exposed to sunlight and moisture and can take the majority of the weight. They must be as strong as possible.

Are you unsure which type of deck board to choose? There are many styles and timbers that you can choose from, with different patterns, colours, and grain depending on your desired look.

Decking is often fixed with stainless steel screws. Joists are essential to the decking structure because they hold everything together.


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