We have a new, stylish offering to mark the beginning of 2022. It includes six new colors for cabinets and two contemporary door styles.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Lehigh Valley; kitchen remodelers must stay on top of current trends. Kitchen remodelers who want to modernize their kitchens will seek out new styles. Kitchen Magic is known for creating innovative kitchen products that are fashionable and appealing to customers. The new collection includes bold Wilsonart laminates, enhancing a room’s design without breaking the bank and providing a sustainable and ethically-sourced alternative stone.

What are the most in-demand colors and styles for kitchen cabinets?

This exclusive cabinet door color collection is perfect for the modern homeowner who also wants a functional kitchen. You can achieve the new trend with maintenance-free doors that are more durable and easy to maintain than traditional wooden doors. They also cost less than standard wood doors and offer more value and quality.

Below are six new colors as well as two modern styles.

Celadon Green

For a waterfall-like look, Celadon Green can be paired with Calcutta Marble. The marble flows vertically along the island. The new Celadon green combines grey and green that complement traditional styling and modern. This color is similar to Evergreen Foliage, Sherwin Williams’ year-end color. Green is rapidly gaining popularity because we all want to be outside more than we are at home.


Umbra in Statesman Style adds warmth to any kitchen theme. Marble Drama Wilsonart in streams of cream and cocoa finishes the cabinets. Umbra is a dark brown color that can be used as a cabinet material. It’s a good choice if you want a simple, uncluttered kitchen design.

Global Nomad

Global Nomad has infused streams of gray to create a woodgrain cabinet color inspired by European luxury living. Wilsonart’s Spring Carnival countertop was graced with this new color and the Prestige Plain style. The harmonious combination of bold greys and earthy taupes creates a striking mix.

Canadian Grey

If white is too bright, Canadian Grey’s cool grey hue offers a warm but light palette for any kitchen. Canadian Grey is paired with Legacy style doors and Anasazi Crown Laminate Countertops for a butcher-block look. This neutral trend works well with flat and raised panel doors. It is an excellent choice for any kitchen design. Laminate is a cost-effective alternative to wood.

Graphite Grey

Graphite Grey is a dark charcoal grey; Contempo-style doors are suitable for modern homes. The Trinidad Lapidus pattern is reminiscent of stone, with a waterfall edge that creates a dramatic effect. It is environmentally intelligent to get the stone look without leaving a footprint on the planet.


Fashionista is a subtle woodgrain that has mixed earthy mid-tones. Urban Shaker doors have a slim profile and a minimalistic appearance. This kitchen design is considered a European or Scandinavian design.

This is the most popular cabinetry design you can use in your kitchen.

It is essential to keep an eye out for new styles. While it’s a good idea to keep up with European trends and follow what’s trending on social media, you should also follow your Designer instincts. Homeowners who are also passionate about fashion and functionality will love the exclusive collection of Maintenance-Free cabinet door colors.

There is a style and a color for everyone.

Neutrals still appeal to our current demographic for kitchen cabinetry design and construction. We will, however, continue to update our palette by adding new products to our range-up for 2023 and beyond,” JT Norman, In House Designer and Product Development.

When creating the new palette, I looked to nature as inspiration. A design will always stay in style if it includes natural elements. Norman said that there is no better designer than the natural world. He created these looks.

Can I find a reliable kitchen remodeler in Lehigh Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas?

Kitchen Magic is a family-owned company that provides interior design services to Lehigh Valley residents and other Pennsylvania residents. A long list of successful kitchen remodeling projects is the key to our success. We can help you find the right color combination or customized kitchen cabinet doors.


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