For over a century, stainless steel sinks have been a staple in contemporary kitchen designs. While stainless steel sinks will always be popular, especially among those on a tight budget or needing a sink to last a lifetime, some homeowners have opted for the latest kitchen sink trends.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean to say stainless steel sinks have gone out of fashion; they are similar to white kitchens, a.k.a. “Always in style.” According to some of our recent customers, those who choose not to go with stainless steel sinks prefer alternative options that add more color to their kitchen design.

Find trusted contractors in your area to help you find the sink materials that will meet your family’s needs and be durable and easy to maintain.

What is the latest trend in kitchen sinks today?

We look at some kitchen sink trends that go well beyond stainless steel. Also, we explore alternative materials and finishes for your sink.

Farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse Sinks are still in style because they can be used with traditional or modern designs. Their large, open containers can hold dishes for even the busiest kitchens. Farmhouse sinks used to be mainly available in stainless steel or white ceramic. They’re available in various finishes, including natural stone, fired clay, copper, and wood.

Textured apron fronts

A textured apron has become more popular in the discussion of farmhouse sinks. This sink vessel has an exposed front and is broad and deep, with a slight extension beyond the lower cabinetry. Apron sinks, along with under mount and drop-in sinks, have become popular in recent years.

Most aprons are permanent, but the Elkay Crosstown Kitchen sink Apron Cover is an excellent option for an interchangeable cover—stainless Steel Farmhouse sink with an interchangeable apron. You can now have the best of both worlds with apron faces updated to reflect the latest kitchen trends.

Workstation sinks & accessories

Workstation sinks are a great addition to any kitchen. They’re instrumental in small spaces or for accessible designs. The use of sliding cutting boards, drainboards, and colander inserts can not only improve functionality but also keep kitchens clean. The accompanying racks will also help keep metal cookware or food off the surface of your sink. This helps to maintain the new look of porcelain and other light-colored sink finishes.

Stone finish sinks

Granite sinks are both beautiful and functional. Composite sinks are not made of granite but contain flecks or crystals that come from granite. The result is that homeowners can have a sink with a natural stone look in any color and finish.

Granite or quartz slabs can be matched to the sink of your choice, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with your countertop. Granite and quartz sinks have another benefit. The sinks can be installed virtually anywhere, making them highly functional. They are also available in unique shapes and styles.

Seamless sink integrability

Modernists, devoted to a seamless kitchen, prefer it over traditional designs that embrace textures and decorative elements.

You should look beyond the options you are familiar with and consider seamless sink integration. The countertop and sink seams are areas where dirt, food debris, and moisture can accumulate. Therefore, we give DuPont(r) kudos for their integrated, impactful Corian Solid Surface Sink concept.

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