What’s the fuss? While I could go on forever about the many benefits of decluttering, let’s just focus on the top five.


Are you always running late? Are you always late? Clutter can get in the way of your daily activities and take up time. There is not enough time to lose your keys, phone or umbrella. Nor can you search through piles of clothes for the right top for the important meeting.

The problem is not that each item in your house needs a spot, but that 9 out of 10 times the problem is that there is too much stuff. It is impossible to place everything in a designated area of your home.

It saves time and streamlines your belongings. It will help you to reduce your possessions to the things that bring you joy and the ones that are essential or necessary. This makes housework much more enjoyable – cleaning up after guests is so much easier than cleaning up afterwards. You no longer have to be afraid when guests open your cupboards in search of a mug.


Renting or buying a home costs a lot. we know that we don’t get a lot for our money. We don’t see the connection between our home’s space and its value. Everything in your home should be earning its fair share if you spend PSX per month on rent or mortgage. Your clutter is costing you money, and even more if you rent storage units.

Many clients tell me, “But I can’t get rid off that, it cost PSX.” The “sunk costs effect” refers to the human tendency to keep investing in something that isn’t performing. You might buy a jacket that is too expensive but you don’t wear it because you don’t like it. Because of the amount you spent on it, you continue to let it take up space in your closet at the expense other items. While it is in our nature to avoid mistakes, we spend a lot of time and money on them. Storage solutions are used to store costly mistakes, rather than cutting losses, letting go of things and moving on.

You could lose out on a promotion if your office is full of clutter. You could lose out on a promotion if you spend too much time searching for your stuff.

Have you ever bought a duplicate of something? Perhaps you were certain you had the item in your home, but couldn’t locate it. Maybe you forgot that you owned the item! You’ll be able to save money by knowing where your items are and finding them when you need them.


Conscious clutter can affect us subconsciously. It’s a little like when we don’t close apps on our phones and they are still open.

They may be running in the background, but they still drain your battery life. We often don’t associate clutter with stress, anxiety, or worsening moods. However, it could be having a negative effect on our mental health. Even worse, clutter can cause severe mental and physical health problems.

Research shows that clutter can have a greater emotional impact on women. Researchers at UCLA’s Centre of Everyday Lives and Families found a link between high levels of stress hormone cortisol and women with “highly-density” homes. This means that women feel more stressed if they have more stuff.

You will feel happier and more in control of your life if you get rid of clutter.


You are making it more difficult to do anything if you have too much stuff on your desk, at work or at home. You will feel much better if you spend 10 minutes clearing out extra papers, rubbish, and other clutter.

Many creative types say that they are most productive in messy environments. Although this may seem controversial, the research supports it! Mikael Cho, Co-Founder/CEO of Unsplash, had firsthand experience with this. In one of his blog entries, he explains that neuroscientists from Princeton University examined people’s performance in an organized environment as opposed to in a chaotic environment. According to the results of the study, clutter in your environment can compete for your attention. This can lead to decreased performance and more stress. Your brain is dispersing its attention between many stimuli. Your brain is unable focus fully on the most important task at hand.

Clear your desk, and see how you feel about it! Sometimes clutter can feel like a safety blanket, and make us feel “busy”. It can actually hinder us from doing our best work.

Let go of the past and focus on your future

Clutter does not only have to do with quantity, but also about quality. Do you hold onto pieces of artwork that were given to you by an ex-boyfriend? That gorgeous dress that makes you feel fat every time you wear it? You shouldn’t underestimate the power of stuff. Give yourself a break. Get rid of stuff that makes you sad, guilty, or downright miserable. You may have learned a valuable lesson from your stuff.

Your life will be more positive if you surround yourself with things that motivate and inspire you. Professional decluttering service can be an emotional rollercoaster ride and can prove to be more difficult than you might think. Although it can be difficult to make tough decisions, practice makes perfect. Your decisions over your possessions will influence your decisions in other areas of life.


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