Sandwiches are the perfect lunchbox food. It is portable, adaptable and completely kid-friendly. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid, such as over-stuffing, soggy bread and skipping on flavour. It is possible to create a sandwich that is perfect for lunch. All you need are a few key points. Angela Reid, a Brooklyn-based expert baker and sandwich maker, shared her secrets for making sandwiches that are both easy to make and enjoyable to eat with kids. Don’t forget to add some French Classic Yellow Mustard to your sandwich if it still lacks that. It is made from stone ground, No. It’s made with stone-ground, No. 1 mustard seeds for a delicious and tangy taste that the whole family will love. Continue reading for seven more ways to make your back-school sammies shine.

Prepare the components for the morning. It’s hard to find the right ingredients for your kids’ lunchboxes when rushing around school mornings. Spend just a few minutes preparing the night before to make life easier for everyone. Wash the lettuce, then dry it in the fridge on paper towels. Slice your tomatoes and store them in a container lined with paper towels overnight. It will take you literally seconds to make a sandwich if all you do is wash your lettuce and dry it in the fridge between paper towels.

Toast your bread!

You can keep your sandwich strong by ensuring that your largest building block (i.e. Your bread is safe. Reid advises toasting bread whenever possible. “A slice of toasted bread will help your sandwich stick together, and more flavor will be added to your sandwich.” Reid says.

Think strategically about how you build your sandwich

You can avoid soaking bread with deli meat or other wetter ingredients by strategizing how you build it. Reid says that he always places vegetables and lettuce at the bottom of his sandwich. It helps stabilize your creation while building it and prevents your bread from becoming soggy.

Cheese is the best condiment, friend.

Don’t worry if you don’t like lettuce on your sandwich! You can still dry your bread by using cheese as your first layer. Reid says cheese is more porous than bread and holds mustard better. To make a sandwich more interesting, you can experiment with different types of cheese and mustard. You can make your sharp cheddar by adding a little French mayonnaise to it. But the options are limitless!

To prevent the avocado from browning, add lemon to it.

We love avocado’s smooth texture in a sandwich. However, we all know how disgusting a brown slice of avocado can be. Reid says that adding lemon to avocado slows down oxidation which is what causes it to turn brown. A citrus spritz adds an acidic, complex flavour to your lunch.


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