You’ve chosen your cabinet style and color. You can relax, but…wait! Wait to put your feet up. Cabinet hardware is still a critical decision to make.

You can transform your old cabinets and drawers into designer pieces with the help of reliable kitchen remodelers.

Modern cabinet hardware is a great way to personalize your kitchen. Some kitchens are designed without it, but most homeowners choose this feature as part of their project. Knobs and pulls help reduce cabinet wear and tear, finger smudges, and grime, which can build up when your hands touch the cabinet doors daily. They also add a stylish element to a project.

The thought might tempt you that you will choose your kitchen hardware later, but it is better to make a final decision and have the cabinet installers take care of the rest. You can then enjoy your finished kitchen and cross another item off your list.

What is the most common cabinet hardware style?

Here is a comprehensive list of the most popular pulls and knobs. The number one style has been updated for 2022.

Allison(TM) Satin Nickel Knobs

This stainless steel knob is a classic that complements any kitchen. It has more style on the base.

Satin Nickel & Oil Rubber Bronze Cup Pulls

This style is known as “apothecary Pulls” and works well in retro-themed, modern kitchens with retro-inspired or traditional motifs.

Inspirations(tm) Oil Rubbed Bronze Ring Knobs

The knobs with subtle decorations are ideal for transitional and traditional kitchens. However, circular accents will complement modern kitchens with dot or circle patterns.

Conrad(tm) Oil Rubbed Bronze Scroll Pulls.

This pull is traditional at first glance. It adds retro flair to a modern kitchen when installed on cabinetry with a Shaker style.

Inspirations(tm), Satin Nickel Ring Knobs

The slightly raised pattern, similar to Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs, is a modern take on the traditional style.

Inspired(tm), Weathered Nickel & Oil-Rubbed Bronze Pulls

This is a very versatile pull. The sleek design will satisfy modernists, while the subtly curved arch complements traditional and transitional kitchen designs.

Polish Nickel Knobs to Revitalise them

This is a versatile choice that can be used with any design style.

Candler Antique Silver Pulls

This style pull is versatile and works with all styles of kitchens, from traditional to contemporary.

Candler Satin Nickel Square Knobs

This knob pairs beautifully with the Candler Pull. They add depth to the overall design of your kitchen when paired together. The pulls are usually installed on drawers due to their added weight. Knobs, on the other hand, are typically used on doors.

Allison(TM) Satin Nickel & Oil Rubbed Bronze Pulls

It is appealing to those who value simplicity. This is also an excellent option for kitchens that are accessible because the knobs can be more easily grasped.

Stainless Steel Bar Pulls

Our most popular cabinet hardware is right now. This sleek pull is perfect for modern kitchens with minimalist designs. This pull is stylish, with round shapes and sharp 90-degree angles.

While we have seen a rise in popularity for brushed and matte brass cabinet hardware and the Washington Post reports on a new trend of mixing metals in industrial-style kitchens, the tried and accurate stainless steel, oil rubbed Bronze, and satin nickel knobs and handles are still at the top. Your kitchen is the center of your home, so you should choose a design that reflects your style. Choose what you want and enjoy your new home!


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