Cabinetry is a crucial feature of any renovation. If you’re not careful, however, cabinetry can add aesthetics to your kitchen design (via door panel styles) that can detract from its look and function. Sometimes, cabinets can be too bulky, and you should opt for open shelving.

You’ll likely wonder what solution is better for your kitchen to remodel if you start planning it soon.

Is open shelving a good idea?

It doesn’t mean that open shelving is superior to cabinets with doors when we refer to them as such. There are certain situations where open shelving is better than cabinets with doors.

Open shelving offers many benefits, including:

  • For smaller kitchens and blind corners, it is a good idea to have more visual space.
  • Access to frequently used glasses, mugs, and dishware is easy.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • These allow you to add some color to your design.

Open shelving was a common feature in the grand evolution of kitchen design. It is not easy to build custom cabinets by hand. Buying custom cabinetry is a more expensive investment. Open shelving was the most common storage solution for kitchens and pantries. Before mass-produced, more affordable cabinetry became available.

What are the benefits of open shelving in your kitchen design?

These are some reasons why open shelving is better than cabinets with doors.

A tight kitchen space

Cabinets can be placed from the wall to your air space at a depth of 12-24 inches. This is important in a small kitchen. You can “add” visual space to your kitchen by removing the doors and cabinets and opting instead for open shelves. This will make it feel more spacious and airy.

Are you interested in increasing accessibility?

Whisper-quiet hinges can be very nice, but aside from the noise of cabinet doors closing, it is much more complex than you might think. This is something that only those who have open shelving know. It is so easy to find your favorite mugs, spices, or daily dishware when you have shelves. Your dishwasher can also be emptied faster with shelves.

Open shelving is also an excellent option for accessible or livable Kitchen Designs in Monmouth County. Open shelves are easier to use than cabinets with doors for seniors and people with mobility issues.

Do you want a low-maintenance design?

Although well-built cabinetry should be easy to maintain, there are still cabinet doors that can help you keep your cabinets free from splatter or smudging. Cabinet doors can cause damage to hinges and can hide the cabinet’s hollow body, which can accumulate miscellaneous junk without you knowing. The shelves, however, are very easy to maintain. They are permanent once they have been installed.

You can clean them by simply removing the contents and rubbing a damp cloth on the surface. They will last for many years with a good seal. You won’t need to clean commercial-style stainless steel shelving.

You need to inject some color into your space.

A timeless design requires a neutral color palette for “permanent fixtures” like cabinets, countertops, and accessories to add pops of color. You can add transient colors to open shelving.

Where can I find the best kitchen remodel in Monmouth County?

We have everything you need if you are thinking of tackling a kitchen remodel. Bring your kitchen plans to the Kitchen Magic team. We’ll help you find the best places for cabinets with doors and open shelving. Schedule your complimentary in-home consultation with us by calling 866 339 9099. We’ll help you choose the right kitchen design for your family. Our experienced team will ensure the safety of your family during the remodeling.


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