New Zealand is a country that has embraced metal and tin roofing due to its durability and long-lasting nature. If you have a metal roof or a different material, it is important to keep your roof in top shape. This will protect your home and help your roof last for as long as possible.

Roof replacement is necessary for many reasons. Some of these reasons are more obvious than others.

5 Signs You Need a Re-Roof

Roofs can be damaged by moisture, pollution and extreme weather. Metal roofs are durable and offer many benefits, but they must be protected from damage and repaired as needed.

It is vital that you as a homeowner know when it’s time to replace your roof to avoid further problems. Contact a licensed professional if you see any of these signs.

We’ll go over five reasons why you might need to re-roof your home:

1. Corrosion

Severe summer storms. Strong winds Harsh sun. Hail. Torrential rain.

Metal roofs are susceptible to corrosion and rust due to their constant exposure to harsh New Zealand conditions.

Roofs in coastal areas must also withstand the constant exposure to salty air. This can also be a problem, especially in older homes. If corrosion is not addressed, it can cause structural damage.

2. Moisture Damage

Do you think that only major leaks are a concern? If you don’t address small leaks promptly, they can cause serious damage to your roof.

Look for the following signs of roof moisture damage:

  • Dripping water
  • Moisture in unexpected places of your home
  • Damp spots
  • Mold or mildew on the ceiling. Even the smallest leaks can cause rapid growth.
  • Water spots on ceiling
  • Clogged gutters
  • Darkened or discoloured ceiling painting
  • Paint that is peeling, cracking or bubbling
  • Water spots on exterior wall

Have your roof inspected immediately if you notice any of the above problems.

3. Flaking Paint

The paint may flake due to changes in temperature or from debris caused by storms or high winds. Flaking paint can make your roof look deteriorated, uncared-for and vulnerable to rust.

It is vital to take action immediately if your roof appears worn or flaky. This will prevent further damage. You may have leaking problems that are not visible from inside your home, but could be damaging the roof structure.

4. Sagging

Metal roofing is very durable and does not sag. Sagging is a major red flag.

Roofs that sag are usually the result structural damage. This can be caused by rot, corrosion or water damage.

5. Tiles and panels that are not fixed

Storms that are severe can cause roof tiles or metal panels to become loose. This can cause roof damage, which can lead to electrical problems, mould and leaks. Have your roof checked by a professional if you notice any loose panels.

There is a possibility that the roof trusses have been damaged if they are loose.

What is Re-Roofing?

Re Roofing involves installing a new roof instead of trying to patch or repair your existing one. It may seem like an extreme process for a simple repair. However, it will make your roof last much longer than if you were to keep repairing it every year.

Re-roofing has many benefits.

  • Cost-effective – Less expensive than constant repairs
  • Fast – The installation is fast and offers lasting results. A standard home can be reroofed within 4 to 5 working days.
  • Environmentally Friendly¬† – Re-roofing is environmentally friendly. It aims to reduce waste and the environmental impact of re-roofing by reducing the amount of materials that are disposed in landfills.
  • Increased Durability – Leaky roofs can cause serious damage to your home, especially when you live in Western New Zealand’s harsh climate. Strong roofs will ensure that your home is safe and functional in the future.

Are you looking for the best re-roofing company in New Zealand?

Often dubbed “forever roofs”, metal roofs can last for decades. It is important to look out for signs that indicate your roof might need to be replaced.

It is vital to contact a professional roofer if your roof shows any signs of damage or wear.

Unsure if you need to have your roof inspected? Contact us with any questions or concerns. Our skilled tradesmen are familiar with the benefits of metal roofing. They can also help you choose the right roofing solution for your home based on the location of your house, the current condition of the roof and your budget.

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