Do you have plans to renovate your home? You may have many ideas, from the walls to aesthetics.

There is still one difficult task: how to remove plaster and tiles from exterior walls. Although it may seem exhausting, this is actually not difficult. You can easily do it if you have the right tools.

To avoid paying higher prices, most homeowners prefer to perform the majority of tasks themselves. Many people are also unsure if ceramic tiles can even be painted. Yes, it is possible to paint ceramic tiles and install lights yourself.

What about the tricky job of removing the tiles without damaging the plaster? It’s a little bit of a task. Do not worry. We are here to help you.

The removal of tiles and plaster takes patience and the correct techniques. We know how important it is to maintain the structural integrity of the walls.

We will remove tiles and plaster today from exterior walls. So, let’s get started!

Prepare Your Workspace

It is important to have the correct tools available before you begin the job. This task requires a dedicated workspace and preparation. This will ensure the safety and efficiency of your process.

Tools and Materials You Will Need:

  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask
  • Thick Work Gloves
  • Masking tape is used to protect areas that you do not want damaged.
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Chisel
  • Grout removal tool or a grout saw
  • Scraper
  • Utility Knife
  • Sandpaper or electric sander
  • Tile cutter (optional).
  • Heat gun or blow-dryer (optional).
  • Large bin bags

It could take 1-2 days to remove tiles from exterior walls. Prepare yourself for a messy and long process.

Protect the surface below the wall with old sheets, newspapers or tarpaulin. Wear old clothes because they are easily dirty.

Keep furniture and obstacles out of the area. It is vital that you have mobility when you are removing the tiles. After you have prepared, it’s time to start the tile removal.

Grouting can be removed

Remove the grout that holds the tiles in their place. Once you remove the grout, the tiles can be easily removed without damaging the plaster beneath.

What tools are available for this task? The best tool to use is a grout removal tool, or chisel. These tools are used to scrape away the grout.

You can use an oscillating tool if the grout is excessive or tough. Start by removing the grout from the edges if you need to remove an entire wall.

You can use a blow dryer or heat gun to soften the grout if it is too hard. Heat the grout for 30 seconds, then remove it.

Tile Removal

Next, you will remove the tiles. Tap the tiles first with your chisel. This trick will help you identify any loose tiles. Start with the upper corner if you can’t find any.

It is a relatively simple process. You only need to place your chisel on the edge of a ceramic tile. Tap on it with your hammer. The tiles will not break if you follow the instructions correctly.

Remember that the first tile will always be the most difficult. After you’ve removed the first tile, the rest will be a piece of cake. Take extra care to not break tiles if you want to reuse them.

To avoid damaging the plaster beneath plasterboard walls, you must be extremely careful. The key is patience. Keep tapping the tiles and you’ll be fine!

Clean the Wall

The last step is to clean. There will still be adhesive patches on the wall after you remove the tiles. You should not be alarmed when you notice them. Grab your chisel or scraper instead and remove them.

These tools can easily remove larger adhesive patches. Then, sand down the stubborn residues to get a smooth surface.

Check your wall for any damage after you have completed this task. Tile removal can cause cosmetic problems for your wall. Use your putty and some spackle to fix these problems. Sand down any uneven areas once they are dry for stunning results.

Can wall tiles be removed in one piece?

It may be better for the environment to remove the tiles in a single piece, but it will take much longer and require more experience.

It’s not worth it to try and reuse tiles that are worn, chipped or old. Use a tile scraper if you want to keep the tiles intact. It has a flat, wider tip.

1. Remove Tiles from Plasterboard

The process of removing tiles is the same as removing them from a wall. Use a chisel to remove the tiles from the wall.

2. Remove Tile Adhesive from the Wall

You can remove the old tile adhesive from walls using a chisel. After removing the tiles from the bathroom or kitchen, you can scrape the adhesive off. Warm water can be used to soften adhesive where it’s more stubborn.

3. Safety Measures for Tile Removal

It may seem easy to remove tiles, but safety is paramount. Not only are you dealing with tiles, but also shards and dust that could cause damage to other areas of your house. Here’s what you need to do in your kitchen or bathroom:

4. Bathroom Fixtures: How to Protect Them

If you’re aiming for the bathroom, drape a plastic or cloth sheet over the porcelain fixtures and bathtub. If a tile breaks or falls, the sheet will not scratch or chip.

5. Kitchen Preparations

Start by removing any furniture that is light in the kitchen. Use cardboard or bubble wrap to protect heavier items like your fridge or oven, or even your countertop. It’s not just for tiles. Even dust can scratch and damage surfaces.

6. Cover Drains

Cover drains in your kitchen and bathroom. You don’t need dust or tile fragments to clog them.

7. Cleaning the floor

You’re also at risk if you have a laminate, wood, or stone floor. A blanket or rug can be used as a cushion. If you drop a tile on the floor, instead of getting a chip or dent, you will only hear a muffled sound.

8. Consider Electricity

Remember to turn off the electricity before you remove tiles near electrical outlets or splashbacks. Better to be safe than electrocuted.

9. Protect Yourself

Last but not least, remember you. Be prepared before you begin. The tiles can be very sharp and the dust irritating. Wear some gloves that are sturdy, knee pads to make it more comfortable, safety goggles for your eyes and a mask. It’s better to wear safety gear now than later regret it.

The conclusion of the article is:

The correct tools are essential for removing tiles and plaster correctly from exterior walls. You can remove tiles anywhere, whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

It is simple to follow and can be done by you in a short time. If you’re renovating your home, don your protective gloves and get to work!

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