Bathroom remodeling ideas can make us long for looks we don’t think possible or too expensive. Bathroom remodeling is no small task and will cost a lot of money. It can be difficult if the space is small or awkwardly shaped.
Bathroom renovations don’t have to cost a lot of money or require that you tear out walls or fixtures. You can also remodel a bathroom without spending a lot of money and still achieve the same beautiful finish.

You can make changes to your space regardless of how much money you have, no matter what amount. You will also need to determine the best way to approach plumbing or other specialist work to bring your bathroom ideas to life.

Geoff Cash, founder of Refresh Remodeling (opens in new window) and Remodeling Expert, says that every remodeling project must be planned well to succeed. If the process is not planned well, it can be expensive for the client and take longer to complete. You should plan your bathroom layout carefully and follow it. Plumbing costs will be lower if you don’t make any changes to the existing sanitary ware layout.

After the bathroom design has been finalized, do not alter it. However, before you sign it off, make sure to show it to the electrician and tiler to ensure that they aren’t able to see any problems. There are many budget-friendly ideas for bathroom remodeling that you can incorporate into your project.

1. Beautifully Salvaged Sanitaryware

Bathroom remodels offer a great opportunity to reuse good-quality taps and sanitaryware. Roll-top baths can usually be salvaged. Or, for a more cost-effective option, you can re-enamel existing fittings or add a surround to a bathtub. This is a cost-effective way to preserve your home’s character. As a flipper, I always tell people to visit the hardware store to buy spray paint. The bathroom will feel more spacious and elegant if you spray antique gray paint on the fixtures. Think outside the box when remodeling. Remodeling can be done with a hot dog budget and caviar results. Eric Nerhood, Premier Property Buyers (opens in new tab).

Jake Romano, John The Plumber (opens in new tab) suggests that you use existing plumbing wherever possible. Moving your bathroom around can increase the cost. To save money, you can purchase additional fixtures yourself. You won’t find a plumbing company shopping for the best deals in the same way you would. You can find replacement parts and cartridges for fixtures that are popular. It can be risky to search for unknown brands online. As soon as possible, replace plumbing. It’s possible that older pipes need to be replaced. If they are accessible, it will be much easier. When shopping on eBay or Kijiji, be careful. You can often find amazing deals on similar-new products through the renovation projects of others. Sometimes, however, there is a hidden reason why an individual might be replacing something. Advises Romano.

2. Location Dos and Don’ts

Cash says that while changing the location of the tub can transform a small bathroom, there are other items that will not be worth it. Do not move the faucet. You can replace the faucet, but not move. Moving will require more work, which will increase your costs. To reduce plumbing problems and keep your bathroom remodel costs down, you may need to relocate more elements.

3. Mix and Match Materials

Mixing sanitary ware from different manufacturers can help you offset the cost of high-end bathroom remodels. You can save money while still getting a high-quality, stylish finish.

Cash says, “It doesn’t necessarily mean that a material’s durability is not possible because it’s cheap.” You can find the best alternatives at a fraction the price of expensive ones if you do your research.

It is important to know the difference between cheap, poor quality solutions (like plastic bathtubs or shower trays that stretch too thinly and are difficult to seal and watertight) and better, more durable materials that still look great and perform well. Some materials can look expensive while being affordable. You can give your bathroom a new look by choosing the right materials that fit your budget. There are many other budget-friendly bathroom ideas.

4. Design Features to Turkey The Eye

Design that catches the eye is a good idea when remodeling small spaces like a loft bathroom. The homeowners used a wall-hung vanity unit to make the space seem larger. A built-in alcove is used to store toiletries in the walk-in shower.

The matt black hardware adds texture and tonal interest to neutral bathrooms. It looks great in any space, and is ultra modern and sleek. The vanity unit, tap, and shower fixtures add dramatic flair. While the wall tiles are a pared-back, white, and in interesting shapes, keep it feeling bright and airy.

5. Simple Bathroom Remodels

Your bathroom remodel should be simple. Keep any decorative moldings, curves or steps to a minimum. Simpler designs are more affordable and easier to install. When your bathroom remodel is too complicated, you make the worst mistakes.

Nerhood states that the bathroom is often the most neglected in a home’s remodeling projects. The bathroom is often overlooked by homeowners who remodel the living and kitchen areas, as well as the dens and dining rooms. There are many ways to make your bathroom look like a showcase. It’s not just about the bathroom. A bathroom can look sleeker if it has a medicine cabinet and soap dish.

6. Tiling Makes a Big Difference

The pattern of the floor tiles can be used to create interest in this simple scheme, and to tie together the bathroom paint colors. The Victorian-style print perfectly complements the traditional shower and bath. Metro tiling adds height to the space and creates the illusion of space.

7. Functional Beautiful Flooring

Nerhood suggests that you avoid hardwood because it can cause problems with bathroom remodels due to the high levels of steam and water in the space. “Go with porcelain, ceramic tile, vinyl plank and vinyl tile. Vinyl flooring can be made to look like wood, and they are also waterproof and much more affordable.

8. Pop Colors

You can make a bold statement by choosing bright bathroom remodeling ideas. The pretty combination of it and the on-trend black adds an industrial touch to the beautiful palette. The visual dimension of the space can be increased by splitting it in half with color, and bringing the top color up to the ceiling.

9. Make an Entrance Using Small Bathroom Removables

Different bathroom remodels will require different types of doors. Wooden will provide a warm and cozy feeling and can be made into furniture. UPVC and glass options are also very popular. Cyrus Vaghar (opens in new tab), a Coldwell Banker real estate agent in Boston, suggests that sliding doors are a great option for homeowners when space is tight, especially when remodeling a half-bathroom on the first floor. We have seen clients add a half-bath to their homes by using this method.

10. Mirrors Can Be Applied to Improve a Bathroom’s Space

Consider large mirrors when renovating small bathrooms. A frameless mirror that covers the entire wall of a bathroom is very effective in making it feel larger and lighter. Install heated pads behind the mirror to prevent water from getting into your baths or showers.

11. Smart and Unexpected Additions

You can add value to your home by remodeling your bathroom. Look for the unexpected to bring life to your space. “We have noticed an increase in bidet-attachment installations over the past few years so it might be worth looking into. They seem to be increasing in popularity. Romano also noted a greater demand for fancy shower fixtures and rainfall. “Custom showers don’t always have to be expensive, sometimes,” Romano says.

Smart bathroom features include motion-detected faucets. Romano says that high-efficiency fixtures and faucets are becoming more popular. There are many options for those who love smart home technology. These include waterproof televisions that fit flush into a wall, integrated hi-fi systems with mood presets, smart lighting controls, and automated blinds and bath fillers. These should be planned in advance so that wiring can easily be considered.

12. Clever Custom Swaps

Savannah Phillips, Interior Designer at The Knobs Company (opens new tab), suggests that instead of ripping apart old cabinetry, which can be costly, you could just upgrade the knobs. “Changing out the hardware can transform a cabinet from old to new with just a few hundred dollars. However, if you have a large or unique cabinet, it could cost thousands.

13. Shower Walls Upgrade

Keith Melanson (opens in new window) is a Project Manager at Renos Group and points out the significant difference tiling a bathroom can make. You can also save tons of money if you do it yourself. The aesthetics of your bathroom can be transformed by tiling the shower walls. This bathroom remodel is very popular because it gives the room a completely new look. The bathroom is a very important space in your home. You want to love the tiles. You can save money by sticking to your budget when you shop for tiles.

14. Expansive Wet Rooms

They are very popular and can be very useful when designed well. These are more expensive than other bathroom remodeling ideas, but they can be practical and space-enhancing, and are great for families.

15. A balanced Lighting System

Philips states that bathrooms often don’t get enough natural light, and artificial lighting can sometimes ruin an entire design. You don’t have to start from scratch and replace the cabinets, counters, and wall coverings with something more suitable for your bathroom. A $5 cost per bulb can be saved over a full bathroom remodel. You can save money by purchasing a vanity fixture to replace the mirror. These small changes can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom and everything within it.

Even simple bathroom lighting solutions can make a big difference. A pendant light is a better option than wall or downlights. Multi-bulb fittings require only one power cable to create a flexible system.

16. A statement Feature to Get a Luxe Look at a Budget

Your bathroom should have one unique feature that makes it stand out and gives it a luxurious feel. You might choose a freestanding tub – we have a list of top-rated rolltop baths that are suitable for traditional homes. Or you could go all out and buy some fancy taps. If you don’t have the budget for tiles, you can use them to make a statement wall by adding a cheaper tile.

17. Style Meets Storage

Clutter is the worst thing that can happen to a room. With every type of bathroom remodeling project, fitting furniture can help you achieve a coordinated look. However, it must be planned in advance. Modular and freestanding furniture are more flexible and can be added to the bathroom after the sanitaryware has been installed. Modular furniture can be wall-mounted to make efficient use of space in clutter-prone parts of the bathroom.

18. Vanity Unit Chick

“Replacing your vanity in your bathroom is a popular renovation because it’s another focal point of your space. Swapping out the vanity is the best option for homeowners who lack sink or counter space in their bathroom. It is best to keep your vanity in the same place as the plumbing fixtures to avoid costly moving. If you have the option, keep your existing fixtures to save money on your vanity. Melanson agrees.

Tips For Remodeling Bathrooms
Reputable tradespeople are best for bathroom renovation in Auckland

Do your research about your preferred bathroom renovators and make sure you choose a reliable tradesperson, such as plumbers, electricians, builders, or decorators. Ask for recommendations and to view previous work.

Romano states, “I would recommend using an insured plumber.” Water can pose a lot of risks, even for the most experienced plumbers. Insurance can make all the difference.

Untrustworthy tradespeople can be identified by asking for cash. It is illegal for them to not declare their income, and if they don’t have receipts, there will be no recourse if things go wrong. Beware of any requests for upfront payments. This could indicate cash flow problems or builders’ merchants refusing to give credit. A reputable builder will happily sign a contract with you and a third-party to make sure the work is completed on time.

Install an electrician as soon as possible for a bathroom remodeling project.

An electrician is needed for any wiring, lighting or additions to an electric shower. Talk to them before you start any plumbing or building work so they can fit their schedule into your bathroom remodel plan. You will have additional protection if something goes wrong if you hire a licensed electrician.

You can bargain on the cost of your bathroom remodel

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for a discount. This is one of our favorite tips when it comes to bathroom remodeling. In fact, some shops have this policy. Even big DIY shops on the high streets can allow for price negotiations.

Before plastering or tiling, choose sanitaryware

Before you start plastering or tiling, ensure that all sanitary-ware is in place. You should specify everything before the first-fix stage. If you leave key decisions for later, it can lead to costly alterations in your bathroom renovation.

Consider waterproofing your space

You can use tile backer boards to line shower enclosures and bathroom walls. These boards are waterproof when joined and taped. They also act as insulation and are great for installing below underfloor heating. They will reduce the chance of leaks, which can be extremely damaging and expensive to repair.

Never skimp on brassware

These are items you use daily, including concealed valves that regulate the water temperature in your home. Showerheads that are ‘rub clean” will have nozzles that are easy to clean. This is great for areas with hard water.

Conceal pipework

Ask your plumber to hide pipes and other services in the flooring, ceilings, and boxing of your bathroom renovation for a clean look. This makes it much easier to tiling or laying flooring. But, make sure that you have access to all vital components in case of a leak.

You can install a freestanding bathtub away from walls by raising it on a pedestal and hiding the pipework beneath.

Ventilation is an important aspect to consider.

Condensation is a major cause of damp. Bathrooms are steamy and damp by nature. Install adequate ventilation systems, such as an extractor fan, to keep moisture at bay.

Ventilation is a key element in bathroom remodeling. Many people underestimate the importance of ventilation. However, proper ventilation is essential to avoid damp and mold growth, which can lead to serious health problems as well as costly repairs. Michael Dean, Pool Research’s co-founder (opens in a new tab).

A window vac can be a great tool for quick removal of water from wooden frames in your bathroom.

If you have a limited budget, avoid wall-mounted sanitaryware

Wall-mounted fittings should be avoided as they are less labor intensive and cost less. Wall-mounted toilets, basins, and taps require special fixings. This can lead to a disruption in house plumbing and concealment of cisterns. Installing deck-mounted taps or pedestal basins as well as close-coupled toilets is quicker and more affordable.

Heating will be more important in a larger space.

You will need to heat more space if you plan on expanding the bathroom area in your remodel. If necessary, you can re-evaluate your heating system and add heat to the area with a stronger towel heater or radiator. Underfloor heating could be an option. You should also ensure that your water pressure doesn’t change by adding sanitary ware.

Bathroom environment: Check materials

Choose materials that are durable enough to withstand the bathroom environment. There are many products that can withstand high water volumes, including waterproof paints and wall tiles sealed with glue.

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