Hanging art in the kitchen is a more common option than buying artwork for a gallery wall or entryway. This isn’t as common as it could be, but it should be! There are many ways to make your kitchen wall art speak to you, whether you want to add a few pieces to complement your kitchen decor or go completely avant-garde.

We don’t care about your style or budget; you will find at least some looks you’ll want to replicate in your space. What is the moral of the story? The kitchen is as essential as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms for art.

A classy gallery wall

It doesn’t mean a gallery wall must be in the living room or hallway. This gallery wall, inspired by the nautical theme, is the focal point of this fantastic kitchen.

Funky Vibes

This quirky kitchen wall art is unexpected and ideally suited for the space. We love surrounding it with lush greenery to create a balanced look.

Dramatic Focal Point

This oil painting of a pear in bold and dramatic oil can “pair” (get that?) The black cabinets surrounding it blend perfectly with the pear oil painting, drawing attention to the back wall and creating an overall cohesive look.

Fresh and Clean

Lemons remind most people of cleaning. This pretty lemon print is the perfect choice to decorate your kitchen walls. It’s bright, not too busy, and gives off a rustic farmhouse feel.

Pretty Pops of Color

A little bit of color is a must in every kitchen. After all, what chef doesn’t want to be able to see the dishes while they cook? This pretty pair is our favorite, with bright colors popping against the neutral background.

Opt for Photography

Although black-and-white photography may not be your first choice when it comes to art to decorate the kitchen, the large picture above looks excellent, especially with the dark cabinets. If you are a photographer enthusiast, you can print and frame one of your photos. Although this is a portrait, you could also use a vacation or landscape shot.

Graphic and Bold

You can be bold with a graphic print, such as the Drunken Sailor-themed chalkboard a Toronto couple installed in place of cabinets on their kitchen wall. Chalk art can be confined to a single board (as seen here), or you could paint the entire wall with chalk paint. This would be the ideal place to keep your grocery list. We love their teal pantry cabinets!

It’s small, but it’s powerful.

A printout or postcard is a good option for kitchen wall art if you have a tight budget or are decorating a short-term apartment. The UK kitchen above shows that even a tiny piece of art can shine when done well. Bonus points if you add a punchy quote.

Get Abstract

A wall should be placed along the side of your kitchen. You might frame your kitchen with an abstract print or images. This is what this sunny Cape Town kitchen looks like. Be bold and abstract. The blue and white photo complements the orange leather stools on the kitchen island.

Shelf Help

This simple and subtle shelf display caught our attention in this Barcelona Kitchen. This is a great way to rotate your kitchen wall art. This allows you to change the pieces whenever you like and doesn’t require additional wall holes.


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