There’s nothing like a new coat of paint to transform the exterior of your Australian house. Dulux is the brand to choose if you want results that will last. Dulux is a brand that’s known for quality paints. It offers many options for beautifying and protecting your home’s outside. We’ll show you seven Dulux painting tricks and tips to achieve stunning results on your exterior wall.

1. Surface preparation is key

Be sure to prepare your exterior walls before you open a paint can. Cleaning, sanding and fixing any imperfections are all part of this process. Dulux accredited painters understand the importance of having a smooth finish. Removing dirt, mould and loose paint and patching any holes or cracks is essential. It is important to have a clean canvas for paint adhesion.

2. Choose the Right Dulux paint

Dulux has a wide range of exterior paints that are suitable for different surfaces and climates. Consult a Dulux accredited painter for the best advice. You can choose the right paint for your climate, desired finish and even style.

3. Primer: A Must-Have

Do not skip the primer. A good primer will not only improve paint adhesion, but it also ensures a smooth finish. Dulux has a wide range of primers compatible with its paints. Sindabad Decorators Company can recommend the best primer for your project.

4. Use high-quality brushes and rollers.

Investing in brushes and rollers of high quality will help you achieve a professional look. Cheap brushes may leave streaks or uneven coverage. Dulux accredited painters use only the best quality painting tools for a uniform and smooth application.

5. Proper Application Techniques

Technique is important when it comes to painting. Use even strokes to begin at the top, and then work your way downward. Dulux paints have a reputation for being easy to apply, but applying it evenly and taking your time will give you the best results. Consider hiring a Dulux accredited painter to ensure a perfect finish if you are unsure about your painting abilities.

6. Weather Matters

The Australian weather is unpredictable. Choose a day when the temperature is moderate and there is low humidity to paint. Dulux paints have been designed to work in a variety of weather conditions. It’s best to work with nature rather than against her.

7. Regular Maintenance

Don’t neglect regular maintenance once your exterior walls are looking vibrant and fresh. Watch for signs of wear, and touch-up as necessary. Although Dulux paints last for years, a little care and maintenance will help to maintain the exterior beauty of your house.

Dulux accredited painters can transform the exterior of your home.

Dulux paints are great for DIY projects. For the best results, you should consult Dulux accredited painters. These professionals are able to guarantee that your paint job will be visually stunning and durable.

Sindabad Decorators Company can provide a hassle-free service and the benefit of Dulux accredited House Painter in North Shore. We are proud to use Dulux Paints and we’re committed to providing top-quality results for Australian home owners. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to transform the exterior of your home.

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