Remodeling or renovating your home is thrilling, since applying a new coat of paint could give it an entirely new look. Be aware that there is more to painting your house’s exterior and interior more than picking an appropriate paint color and picking up a paintbrush flawless paint jobs need the preparation work and attention to detail only done by true professionals. So how do you select the best house painting service in Auckland to make your house look better? We recommend beginning with these 6 considerations:

Ask Questions

If you’re looking for a painter to do your home in Auckland Make sure you’re asking the correct questions. A few things to think about are:

  • How how long have you been in business?
  • Are you completely qualified and certified?
  • Are you a registered Master Painters and Resene Eco Decorators?
  • What products do you prefer to do you use?
  • What is the average time your job generally be?
  • Have you got a warranty or a guarantee? What is it covered and how long does it last?
  • Are there any reference numbers that I am able to speak to?
  • Do you know of any active jobs that we could look at now?

If you’re searching for exterior painters, interior painters or a contractor who can handle the entire Auckland home, both inside and outside Effective communication is the best method to ensure that your work is safe hands.

Skills and Accreditation

You may be looking for an interior painter on Auckland, or someone to brighten up your weatherboard home in Ponsonby ensure that the company you select is skilled and has the qualifications to perform a high-quality job. If you hear someone claim to be an expert artist but don’t trust their words Check the qualifications of any painter through the Master Painters Auckland website by simply entering the name of their company.

Reputation and Reviews

Accreditation is an essential sign of quality, but the experience with clients in Auckland is also crucial. Reading reviews online and asking for testimonials from previous clients is a vital initial step to find an experienced and professional painting service in Auckland.

Then, consider the way in which your contractor interacts with you in the first time you meet whether in person or over the phone. Are they open, responsive and responsive to your wishes and requirements? Do they provide choices that maximize the value possible use of the budget you have? Are they willing to answer all your questions?

As professional house painters in Auckland we bring our more than 30 decades of expertise to each task, while maximizing the budget of your home and making sure that the finished painting job is what you’re looking for. If you’re not completely satisfied, our work is covered by five years of warranty, so contact us and we’ll try everything we can to get the right choice.

Area of Specializations

If you are looking for a home painter in Auckland it is important to choose a specialist on the specifics of what your property needs. Painters for both exterior and interior must be able to match colors to create an identical appearance. Interior painters in Auckland must be able to repair holes, cracks or other damages prior to applying paint to get a flawless final. Painters who paint exteriors in Auckland should be aware of the best way to prepare surfaces for exterior use particularly weatherboards and villas, to ensure that the final product is perfect. Don’t be hesitant to inquire what a painter’s specialization is.

The staff from Premier paint works specialize in all aspects of commercial and residential paint services, which include safe removal of lead paint as well as exterior and interior walls, plastering and protective coatings, to mention only some. If you have a particular project in mind, please contact our helpful team for a no-cost consultation and we’ll discuss the variety of possibilities available to your home.

Estimates and Quotes

The investment you make in your home will increase the value and living space of your home. It’s tempting to choose the most affordable contractor in order to reduce the cost, but we suggest taking a look at and comparing three estimates to ensure you are getting the best price. It is important to remember that a professional and skilled house painter from Auckland can never give more than a general quote on the phone. For the most precise estimate, ensure you’re certain of what you’re looking for and require to make certain that the service will live up according to your requirements.

We are Premier paint works, we’ll conduct an extensive examination of your house to give you a precise estimate with a simple price breakdown of the whole task. If you discover an estimate for the same work with a lower cost contact us. We’ll be able identify the areas any areas where the contractor who is charging you less may have made a mistake on the quality of service and tools, or quality of paint to give the same price.

Consider Environmental Responsibility

The importance of environmental sustainability is becoming more important to homeowners of today. The way that your residential house painters in Auckland takes a stand on environmental responsibility is a factor to think about when selecting a contractor. A painter who is environmentally conscious, will ensure better overall health for the house for years to be. If the environment is important to you, ensure to inquire about your contractor’s preferred products and disposal methods.

Premier paint works is proud to be a certified and licensed Resene Eco Decorator. To obtain this certification managing our projects sustainable practices, sustainable practices and waste management must be in line with strict environmental standards. We strive to ensure that we’re eco-friendly, from using sustainable paints based on water as well as implementing environmentally-friendly waste management strategies from start to the end.


When you consider these factors into consideration when you search for the perfect painter in Auckland and you’ll be in the best placed to avoid common pitfalls and blunders. Between Parnell from Parnell to Mission Bay, choosing a house painter in Auckland is not as simple as performing an Google search and choosing the first artist you find. Auckland is home to thousands of painting professionals, ranging from self-taught novices and up to professional painters with years of experience. A dependable painter will respond quickly to your needs, give you an accurate and easy-to-understand estimate and provide evidence of their expertise and skills to justify the cost. When you search for an experienced and professional team with the credibility as well as the experience and expertise that you require, you’ll be able to get an impeccable finish for your home.


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