Popcorn is a wonderful addition to any event or party. You can have a big impact with very little money and effort. Fun, easy, and delicious! We’ve included simple instructions for those who don’t understand how to operate a popcorn maker.

How to Use Popcorn Machines?

  1. Heat the kettle for 7 to 9 minutes.
  2. Pour the oil in the kettle.
  3. Test a few grains.
  4. Close the lid and add the remaining kernels when ready.
  5. Enjoy the boiling water when the popping stops.

What are the different types of popcorn machines available for rent?

You can choose between two different types of machines: Cart and Tabletop

Both machines are identical, but they look different. The vintage style of the popcorn cart makes it perfect for themed parties. Tabletops are great for when space is limited. The machines cost between $65 and $90.00 per day.

What type of oil should I use for a popcorn maker?

Coconut oil is preferred by many because of its taste and clean burning. Canola oil is preferred by some people because it contains less fat and cholesterol. Sunflower, peanut and soybean oils are also suitable. Vegetable oil is not suitable for cooking because it can ignite and cannot withstand heat.

What is better, plain popcorn or flavored?

The healthiest way to eat popcorn is plain. Add butter and salt for flavor. Check out these recipes to spice up your popcorn. If you have a sweet-tooth like me, this recipe might be more appealing.

What can I use to serve popcorn?

Many rental companies offer popcorn bags or cups at a very low price. You can DIY your own cups if you have a theme in mind. You only need some stickers, washi tape and cute paper or brown paper bags. See our Pinterest board here for more ideas.

Fun Popcorn Facts:

  • The history of popcorn dates back more than 5000 years. Popcorn has been used for more than 5000 years.
  • The kernels that are not popped at the bottom of the bowl are known as “old maids”.
  • In the past, people made popcorn by heating sand over a fire. They then stirred popcorn kernels into the hot sand.
  • Popcorn is America’s favorite snack if you look at the volume.
  • One kernel can shoot up to three feet into the air.
  • The tiny kernels contain a small amount water. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the water transforms into steam, and the kernel POPs!
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