Bathrooms are different from other rooms in the house when it comes to decor. Bathrooms are designed to serve a purpose. You’ll discover that the color palette and lighting are just as important as adding a few accents. These rooms are not given the same design attention as a bedroom or living room. Nevertheless, many designers are aware that there are decorative features which can be used in these high-traffic (and moisture-prone spaces). This is where tile comes in handy.

Bathrooms can be as stylish and elegant as any other room in the house with the right color scheme and tile layout.

Choosing Bathroom Tile

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing tiles for your bathroom. The size of the bathroom, the type of tile you choose and the look you want to achieve are all important. The size and shape of your bathroom tile will be determined by the size of your space.

A large bathroom can look cluttered with penny tiles (and they are likely to be costly). Material is important as well, since any bathroom can be tough on tiles and other materials. Avoid tiles that are porous or can cause slipping when wet.

It is important to consider your final look. Do you prefer a more modern finish? Or is something more Mediterranean-inspired what you’re after? Before selecting tiles, have a clear idea of the look you want. It can be overwhelming to choose from the many colors, sizes, shapes and sheens available.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

You can get some ideas by looking at the bathroom tile designs below.

1. The Soothing Green Tiles

Many people choose to create a spa atmosphere in their bathrooms. The color scheme and style can be varied, but the end result should be a space that is serene, comfortable, and relaxing. A bathroom designed for relaxation and self-care is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Choose calming colors like the earthy green tiles in this cottage-style bathroom. They will make you feel relaxed and chic, while also bringing nature into your home.

2. Modular Vertical Tiles

It is possible to use the same tile in different bathrooms, and it will look totally different. It’s often all about the way tiles are laid. Jacklyn Faust used navy long and narrow tiles to create a playful, modern bathroom. They were the perfect pop against the light pink wall. Choose unique tile shapes and colors, such as long circular tiles or contrasting stripes, to create a bathroom that suits your needs and style.

3. Complementary Color Palette

This elegant bathroom from Lisa Gilmore Design demonstrates how creating contrast with complementary colors can create a unique bathroom. Do not be afraid of colors that are radically different. Even though the wallpaper is patterned, light tangerine with deep blue works wonders in this bathroom. Not only should you consider the color of the tiles, but also the grout. The white really brings out the rectangular shapes, but you may prefer a different color.

4. Original Orientations

The way tiles are arranged can help create a unique and original look. It’s all about how you lay out the tiles, as these blue, rectangular, long tiles demonstrate. This bathroom’s horizontal, vertical, and staggered layouts create a unique visual and make the shower area feel bigger. The contrast of the dark navy tile and the light neutral tile helps divide the space into different sections. This is ideal for showers with an open concept.

5. Tile Bathroom Niches

Bathrooms are a great place to make use of niches. Built-in shelves and ledges not only add storage space, but they also give a room dimension and movement. Consider installing tile to make a statement instead of painting or keeping the space plain. Consider the lighting, the palette, and the natural light that will be shining on the area throughout the day when choosing colors.

6. White Penny Tiles

It is well known that small details can have a big impact. This penny tile backsplash is proof. The circular tiles are a bold contrast to the large square tiles that cover the majority of the wall. You can add tile to corners, niches, and ledges in the bathroom.

7. Statement Floor Tile

The flooring is a great way to add personality and brighter colors. It’s also a great option for those who are tempted to paint the walls a vibrant color but still unsure. Geometric patterns are a good choice. Also, a tile that has a pearlescent shine or something with texture is nice to walk on.

8. Oversized Subway Tile

Subway tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms and throughout the home. The rectangular shape is easy to stack, and the timeless look will never go out of style. Choose a tile that is larger (or smaller than the average) to add a little variety. This experimentation will create a completely different look from the traditional medium-sized tiles found in bathrooms and kitchens.

9. Chic Fishbone Tile

Soft colors and a stylish tile layout are the best way to transform a stark bathroom. It will make it feel inviting while still remaining sophisticated. The space is predominantly white so splashes in powder pink, red, and aqua will help to keep it feeling warm. The tiles themselves are laid out in an elegant fishbone pattern that feels both coastal and elevated.

10. Textured Tiles

White tiles can be boring. Try pairing them with something fun. This bathroom shows that a bright, white hue is fresh and a good foundation for bolder tiles or backsplashes. The white strips within the pattern tile, which reflect the color of the wall, help tie the whole thing together.

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