You do a quick search and decide that it’s time to clean your carpets. You compare prices without bothering with details. Think twice before you choose the cheapest offer.

All of us want to save cash. However, you should not make the mistake of choosing cheap carpet cleaning services. You shouldn’t take this gamble. Why? Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane often leads to subpar results, and you may end up spending more money fixing issues that arise from poor cleaning. Investing in a quality service ensures your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained.

If you choose the cheapest carpet cleaner, your carpets may not be cleaned properly. This could increase your total expenditure over time, and, in some cases, your carpets could even be damaged.

What is the issue with cheap carpet cleaning?

Cheap Carpet Cleaners May Not Be Professionally Trained

Most cheap carpet cleaners do not train their technicians properly to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to clean your carpets. These technicians can make mistakes when cleaning your carpet.

The service of professional carpet cleaners ensures their technicians receive the necessary in-house training in order to identify the type of carpet fibers and contaminants they are dealing with, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. They also learn the best ways to clean different carpets.

Some stains are difficult to remove, and may require a special solution to clean them. This is to prevent damage to the carpet from chemical reactions. Untrained technicians will use a generic solution to clean the carpet, and the stains won’t be removed. They can even cause damage to the carpet. A trained technician can identify the stain and determine the best cleaning solution and process to use. They will then remove the stain without damaging your carpets.

Paying a bit more for professional carpet cleaning now will save you a lot of money in the future.

Cheap Carpet Cleaners May Not Be Certified

The carpet cleaning company you choose should be certified by an international professional association. These associations monitor the performance of the carpet cleaners, provide ongoing training on the latest technologies and techniques, and ensure accountability. These professionals take extra care when cleaning your carpets because they know that if they do not follow the rules, their certification could be revoked.

These carpet cleaners are not held accountable for these standards, and they will perform a job using generic cleaning principles. These companies are not guided with the latest market knowledge or best practices.

If in doubt, you can always trust a certified carpet cleaning service for all your carpet cleaning requirements.

Cheap Carpet Cleaners May Not Have The Necessary Expertise To Do A Good Job At Cleaning Your Carpets

Some carpet cleaning companies offer everything from maid service to laundry to regular cleaning. This is the classic example of a ‘Jack-of-all trades, Master of None’.

Let’s use the example of hot water extraction to demonstrate our point. Professional carpet cleaners understand that they should use as little water as possible during the cleaning process.

The untrained or jack-of-all trades can inject excessive water into your carpet. The extraction machine was not designed to remove excess water, so even if you use it several times in order to remove water, the machine will still fail.

This excess water, if not removed immediately, will attract all types of dirt, dust and soil. Lack of training and expertise can lead to carpets that soil faster, attract pollutants, and bio-contaminants. The cost of frequent cleanings would be the same, if not higher, than if you hired professional carpet cleaners. They may be more expensive in the beginning, but in the end, they will make a huge difference in your carpet’s condition and cleanliness, as well as your wallet.

Some Carpet Cleaners May Use Substandard Equipment And Techniques

Many cheap carpet cleaners use substandard or generic equipment in order to clean your carpets. Professional carpet cleaners use modern equipment that is well maintained and is designed specifically for carpet cleaning.

Your carpets will not be cleaned if you use cheap carpet cleaning services. There have even been instances where unsatisfactory carpet cleaning equipment has actually damaged the carpet fibers. Then you would have to spend more money on either getting the carpet repaired, or buying a brand new carpet. It’s not so cheap afterall.

Low-cost Carpet Cleaners Lure You In With Low Offers, Then Charge You More Later

It may be tempting to choose the lowest price, but these prices are often too good for you. They offer the lowest possible price to get you to call them or fill out a contact form. Some companies will even quote you after your inquiry.

However, once they arrive at your house, they don’t follow through with their promises. You’re pushed into agreeing to a more expensive carpet-cleaning service. The company may use excuses such as ‘the quote only included a single cleaning process, not two’, ‘a new cleaning method is required’ or the carpet is dirtier than expected’. You may have even taken time out of your schedule to wait for them. You are willing to pay more because you want the job done.

These carpet cleaners are not professional. They provide you with a quote that is final. Some carpet cleaners insist on inspecting the carpet first before providing a quote. You can trust these carpet cleaners.

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