How often should I hire a carpet cleaning service ? Expert for my next cleaning, and how can I maintain my carpet between cleanings? Many readers have asked us this question. We thought it was time to answer it.

Professional carpet cleaners recommend deep cleaning carpets at least once every 18 months. The area in which you live, foot traffic, and other factors are also important. You should schedule professional carpet cleaning every 6-8 months if you own pets, are allergic to dust, or have asthma.

You should also take preventive measures between the professional carpet cleaning appointment and your next one to keep carpets clean and stain-free.

Below Are 6 Ways You Can Maintain Your Carpet Effectively After A Deep Cleaning:

Do not walk on the carpet.

It is effective as soon as the carpets are professionally cleaned. You should not walk on it for two hours. If you walk over it before it has dried completely, your shoes will get it dirty. We recommend that if walking is important to you, only wear white cotton socks.

The carpet can be dried with warm air.

Warm air dries carpet fibers more quickly. To speed up drying, turn off the AC and open windows and doors. Also, use the ceiling fan. Ventilate to allow air to flow freely. Switch on the heater during winter and direct the fan down to speed up evaporation.

Do not move the furniture in.

Only after the carpets have dried completely can you move the furniture. Before you move the furniture, vacuum the entire area. Wait 24 hours after applying a rug and carpet protector before moving the furniture. To avoid stains on the carpet, make sure that the furniture’s feet are cleaned.

How to apply carpet protector.

After cleaning, carpet cleaners recommend that customers apply a protection product. The protector will prevent dirt and stains from sticking to the carpet and causing it to penetrate. The interval between cleaning sessions will be increased. To get the best results, you should avoid foot traffic during that time and vacuum thoroughly to dry out your carpet.

Vacuum your carpet regularly.

Vacuum your carpets frequently to remove dirt, pet hairs, allergens, and grime. Dirt that is left to accumulate for too long can penetrate the carpet fibers and eventually enter the carpet padding. This makes cleaning difficult and costly. Vacuuming does not remove stains and odors, but it can remove the source of allergies and odor. Vacuuming carpets in the living and dining rooms at least once per week is recommended.

Spills and stains should be cleaned immediately.

The longer the stain is left on the carpet, the more difficult it is to remove. You can’t avoid stains, especially when you have pets and children around. As soon as you notice the stain, use a mild solution of soap or vinegar and water or any other cleaning agent. Do not rub the stain, but rather dab it with a clean cotton or cloth.

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