What are polished concrete floors?

Polished concrete floors are typically seen in commercial buildings because they are simple to maintain. All you have to do is conduct regularly scheduled dusting and periodically mop the floor. It can be designed with various finishes such as a mirror-like, glossy surface or aggregate finish. Although a glossy finish might not be for everyone, it’s possible to alter the reflection of the floor’s surface according to your preferences.

Pros of polished concrete floors

The polishing industry changed with the latest advancements in concrete surface preparation equipment and machines that are specially designed to transform the most challenging concrete surfaces at a cost of just a few dollars. Manufacturers, residents, institutes retail, and others have benefited in their businesses by including flooring equipment in their investment plans that are tailored to their specific needs in the field of flooring restoration and concrete maintenance needs. This is crucial to your success and the upcoming business expenses, which could reduce your costs by a considerable amount of money in the near future. Polished concrete flooring has a myriad of advantages, making them among the top favored flooring options for businesses and, now homeowners are paying attention.

Offers durability, delivers resilience

The surfaces of Polished concrete floors is durable that is perfect for high pressure and traffic footfall. The strength that is preserved on these floors is accomplished through concrete floor hardeners often known as concrete densifiers. This is a specific product that has been designed with natural aggregates softening agents and organic concrete compounds which fill in the pores and hardens the surface. Additionally the gloss levels are produced by the ideal combination of floor sealers for concrete and high-speed floor polishers makes these concrete floors more durable. Thus, it is possible for polished concrete floors to last for a long amount of time. Regular floor cleaning and surface maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of the floor that is polished.


Many businesses swear by polished concrete floors because it is easy to maintain. While reducing time and cost replacing flooring that has worn out, the surface is easy to clean, with an broom and a moist mop. Cleaning the floor will prevent dirt from accumulating, while mopping eliminates marks and smudges that can affect the gloss of the floor. Although the normal practice of mopping and sweeping is fine however, polished concrete floors must their floors to be effectively cleaned, particularly because they are porous and hold dirt and grime that could develop over time. Make sure you take your concrete cleaning methods up a notch by using our concrete cleaners that are multi-purpose as well as floor strippers all while decreasing the spread of germs and keeping that you are safe, healthy and secure. We have a wide range of options, such as pH-neutral Cleaners, Acidic Cleaners, Alkaline Cleaners Enzymatic/Bacterial Cleaners as well as Specialty Cleaners.

One of the cheapest floorings in the market

The long-lasting durability that polished concrete flooring will in avoiding costly repairs, which can save you both time and cash. The cost per square foot of polished concrete flooring is about $30 less than traditional floorings.

Sturdy surface

The most important reason that the top industry players select polishing concrete floors instead of other kinds of flooring is due to their sturdiness. It can withstand high pressure and heavy foot traffic effortlessly. It is also resistant to slip, chemical and also thermally-shock proof.

Cons of polished concrete floors

While there aren’t any, there are certain disadvantages for polished concrete floors based on your personal style preferences However, most come with solutions that are easily accessible.

Hard surfaces

Polished concrete floors may provide your feet with a rough time if you stand for long periods of time providing sturdy floors. They do not offer any cushion. So, it might or might not be necessary to include floor mats as well as carpets to provide maximum comfort for your feet.

Does not retain heat

Homeowners might or may not be concerned regarding polished concrete flooring since they are not able to hold the heat. Depending on the location you’re in during winter, the floor’s surface might feel cold and add to the frigid temperatures. The solution to this issue by installing radiant heating cables underneath the flooring to regulate temperature.

Vulnerable to moisture (unsealed)

One of the major effects of improper polishing and sealant of floors made from polished concrete is their vulnerability to moisture. It is easy for water to penetrate the pores of an un-sealed concrete floor. This could lead to the development of mildew and mold. It is therefore essential to work with an expert who is reliable like Central Foundations LTD to guarantee that you’re selecting the right flooring option for your floors that are able to withstand any disadvantages.

Polished concrete floors design options

Concrete slabs are used by numerous industrial and business facilities for years. While many homeowners have utilized concrete floors, they are under carpets, tiles, and parquet flooring. Many people overlook the design possibilities until it was able to adapt to modern and contemporary designs. In the present, we were able to be awed by the raw and unadulterated appeal of nature’s materials.

Polished concrete flooring was able to emerged from its sphere of influence after interior designers realized it a great option for creating contemporary and stylish homes. Many people have embraced this flooring material to match textured furniture, accent elements, and natural materials. With its incredible durability and minimalist appeal, it can allow you to maximize possibilities for your property. Let’s look at different ways to incorporate polished concrete floors into every area of your home.

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