Traditions of gathering around a fireplace date back to when the flame was discovered. The indoor fireplace can be a beautiful feature. However, there is nothing that brings you closer to your caveman roots than sitting around a pile of burning logs and roasting some marshmallows. There are many different design options for fire pits.
We’re certain you’ll find some firepit ideas that will spark your imagination, whether it’s to create a new feature for summer or to revamp your existing fire pit area and add more appeal to your yard.

1. Dig A Little Deeper

A firepit is a pit that’s designed to hold a flame in a specific place. This simple, yet effective design will help you add a rustic, traditional fire pit to the backyard. The fire will be contained in a metal drum that you will bury into the earth. You’ll also need some sand or pebbles to contain the heat.

Addition of stone pavers, rough-hewn around the metal drum, is a great way to reduce heat and give the fireplace a more elegant look. This style of fireplace is best suited to a traditional wood-burning design.

2. Take Seating into Consideration

Consider how you like to gather before deciding whether to include a firepit in your yard. Do you like to snuggle up in the soft cushions of an outdoor couch? Adirondack chairs are made of wood. Why not lounge in one? Do you prefer a built-in area for seating?

Consider how you will gather and at what time. This will ensure that the firepit is designed to suit your needs and space.

3. Double Duty

This classic firepit is made with a stone surround, and a gravel bed to keep all flammable items out of the way. String lights above the firepit add a romantic and festive touch to your space, making it feel like summer throughout the year.

With a firepit cover, your firepit will also double as a table. This allows you to use it no matter what the weather is like or when.

4. Simple Sophistication

A leggy metal design is perfect for those who prefer a sleek look. Think about your furniture to really bring out the modern angles. For example, these gray chairs have organic shapes that are very different from the traditional wood chairs used around a firepit.

The finished product is sophisticated yet deceptively easy to create with a carefully considered gravel surround.

5. Elevated Rustic

This firepit by Ashore Hotel is a great example of how rustic doesn’t necessarily mean unconsidered. The stone enclosure is rustic enough to feel casual, but still elegant.

The design is overall simple, but thoughtful. There is plenty of seating, and the high-backed bench provides a sense privacy. This is a great feature for spaces that are easily visible to others.

6. A Rocky Finish

This design elevates the dug-pit look by incorporating weathered stones to act as a barrier, and a rough hewn paved surrounding. A cozy sofa and classic Adirondack chairs complete the look, which perfectly balances rustic charm with elevated elegance.

7. Draw the Eye

Consider where you would like to sit in your outdoor area and the views that are available. Use your fire pit to highlight the best features of your outdoor space. This elegant fire pit design features a symmetrical path with circular seating that draws your attention to the breathtaking mountain view.

When you play to your strengths, you will have a more enjoyable experience.

8. Make it Portable

Never fear if you have more concrete in your yard than grass. Portable fire pits offer a more flexible design for your outdoor area and are an alternative to larger, more bulky designs. They are perfect for an evening of roasting marshmallows and sharing stories with friends. Store them when not in use.

Smokeless designs, like the Blue Sky Outdoor Living firepit, are an added bonus to portable fire pits.

9. Sturdy but Flexible

Metal drums and rough-and-tumble stone pits have a certain appeal, but sometimes you need something more sculptural and durable. Portable concrete firepits are great if you’re looking for something more permanent, but without having to build it into your space.

This example includes an elegant spark screen that protects the plush furniture around it from stray embers.

10. The Bite of Coverage

It’s not recommended to place a fire pit inside, but it can be nice to have some overhead coverage. Use a trellis, or another open shade structure, to create a cozy atmosphere without causing a smoke hazard. The rustic wood structure, surrounded by greenery, creates a cozy atmosphere. However the contrast of the cushions with the sleek firepit design keeps things sophisticated and modern.

11. Gas Up With Go!

Gas fire pits are a great alternative to wood firepits for landscaping. They’re also easy to use. This firepit looks like a fireplace and is seamlessly integrated into the raised beds. It’s the perfect backdrop to an outdoor lounge.

12. Light the Way

Lighting is an element that’s often forgotten when designing a firepit. The firepit itself is a beacon of light. But what happens after the last embers are gone? Although overhead string lights or lanterns can be romantic, foot lights or uplights integrated into your landscaping can help illuminate the path without taking away from the focal point of the firepit.

13. Fire and Water

It’s not always the case that fire and water mix. But in the case where there are both, they can make a great combination. What better way to warm up and dry off after a swim in a slightly cold pool than with a fire? This example combines a firepit with a sunken area, making it the ideal hangout spot for both swimmers and nonswimmers.

14. Flame Feature

Who said that a fire pit had to be practical. This stunning corten steel fire pit is anything but boring. Do not be afraid to use luxurious materials and interesting shapes for your firepit. Your flickering fires and their sculptural vessel can be the focal point of your room.

15. Small but Mighty

You may not have a patio, deck or yard that can accommodate a firepit, but you can still add a little flame to your outdoor space. This tabletop firepit from Form + Root will be the ideal solution for those who need to roast marshmallows in a small space.

16. Tucked Away

The firepit doesn’t have to be a place for everyone in your family and friends. A beautiful, quiet spot for you to relax may be just what your firepit needs.

This cleverly designed retaining wall doubles as a built-in screen and a bench, creating a tucked-away zone.

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