Stucco is used to decorate commercial buildings where owners have a distinct taste. Stucco is a costly surface that requires a lot of maintenance to maintain its aesthetic value. It includes repairs, like filling in chips and cracks, as well commercial stucco paint services. Regular maintenance will keep stucco looking great for many years.

“It is important to note that stucco repair should not be attempted by an amateur. Instead, it must be done by a mason who has years of experience. The right painting crew should be able to do minor repairs prior to painting. Twins Quality Painters., for example, has experience in stucco repair and painting projects, specifically specializing in Exterior Painting in Auckland. We know how to fix minor damage and ensure the paint will adhere properly.”

Why use stucco on commercial properties?

If you are unfamiliar with stucco it is a surface that’s made from cement and lime-based paste, then applied to a backing. Commercial stucco contractors will apply it correctly to the exterior of buildings, ensuring that it retains its durability and lasts a long time. It is not impervious, however, to harsh weather conditions. The most common damage is fading, peeling or cracked paint. Stucco can be damaged by impact damage caused by flying debris in a storm.

Stucco’s durability makes it a great choice for commercial properties. However, many property owners also prefer the look of stucco.

Here are some of the reasons why stucco is commonly used:

  • Fire resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Noise-canceling qualities
  • Add curb appeal
  • Stone and brick are more expensive than premium materials.
  • Re-painting your home is not expensive

Painting stucco can be inexpensive and simple, but there are a few rules to follow. Commercial painters, for example, know that they should use acrylic paint, elastomeric or masonry paint. Oil-based paint is not recommended by professional painters, despite the fact that it’s often used for exterior projects. Twins Quality Painters. has repainted a lot of stucco exteriors, and we know what kind of paint works best on stucco.

Repairing your commercial stucco exterior

Stucco repair is not for the novice. Twins Quality Painters. begins the process of commercial stucco repairs by inspecting all surfaces. We will assess the extent of damage very quickly and prepare a proposal to address the entire issue, preparing the surface for professional painting.

Stucco is durable but will start to wear out after years of exposure to the elements. You might see tiny cracks, but they will eventually allow moisture to enter, causing more damage. Regular maintenance will help to prevent minor problems from turning into major ones.

Moisture and sun are the two biggest enemies of stucco. The sun can fade the paint, and moisture can seep into the surface and cause a variety of problems. Other factors than the sun, wind and water, as well as heat and cold, should be considered. Commercial buildings, for example, can settle and cause disturbances to the stucco, causing cracks. Twins Quality Painters. can help you maintain the surfaces of your building and repair any minor exterior stucco damage before painting.

Repainting your commercial stucco exterior

In an ideal world, you would only have to paint your stucco once. Twins Quality Painters. is the company to call when you need to repaint your stucco. Stucco is known for its durability, but that doesn’t mean it will last if you don’t take care of it. We have the right tools to ensure that your commercial stucco looks great and lasts for a long time.

Painting stucco exteriors is a delicate process that requires attention to detail, especially since stucco must be in perfect condition before it can accept new paint. Twins Quality Painters. can make your faded stucco look like new. We’ll schedule an inspection to assess the condition of your stucco and provide you with a detailed plan for restoring it with our quality painting services.

Top reasons to paint stucco on the exterior

Stucco is a popular exterior surface, but it has some issues that must be resolved if the product is to live up its reputation. The most common job associated with stucco is crack repair. Years of wear and tear can cause a lot of cracks, which will only get worse if they are not addressed.

The stucco on most commercial properties is repainted between five and ten years. This depends on many factors including the type of paint used in the past and if surfaces are exposed to nature. Twins Quality Painters. can help with any reason why you need to have your stucco exterior painted.

Common stucco problems when repainting a wall is required:

  • Moisture and water infiltration on stucco

Stucco is most vulnerable to moisture. Maybe that’s why more stucco is used on exteriors in arid regions. Stucco can be used on any exterior surface, but in climates with high humidity and precipitation, it will need more maintenance.

Midwesterners who have stucco on their exteriors should invest in repainting it, and keep up with any minor repairs. Regular inspections are important because, for example, moisture build-up can cause wood rot beneath the stucco.

  • Exterior walls stucco stained and discolored

Staining may occur when moisture is left on the stucco or inside it for a long time. Staining can appear as a white haze or dark blotch. These stains are not only unsightly, but they can also lead to more serious problems. For example, they may require extensive repairs to the stucco or the materials underneath. These stains can appear anywhere but are most common around windows and doors where water is often improperly redirected and allowed to pool.

  • Stucco cracking at the hairline

Sometimes, hairline cracks can be difficult to see until they’re right on top of you. However, this is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Twins Quality Painters. will repair hairline cracks quickly and efficiently. Stucco problems can be structural. If they have been present for a long time, you will need to fix them before painting.

  • White streaks on your stucco

It is not a good idea to paint over damaged stucco, because it will hide problems and make them worse. If you paint over the white streak on your stucco (a sign that you have moisture problems), it may appear to be new for a time, but this white streak is actually a sign that moisture damage has occurred. This moisture damage needs to addressed before painting.

Benefits of Painting Stucco on Your Commercial Building

While there are cheaper options for stucco exteriors, many property owners prefer this durable material. While stucco requires little maintenance, it will need to be painted at some point. To do this, you’ll need to hire a professional stucco painter who knows the importance of repainting.

  • Keeps surface dry

When exterior surfaces are allowed to dry completely, they will last longer. After a heavy rain, it’s not uncommon for older stucco to appear darker. However, the moisture that the paint absorbs will eventually dry out and the surface should return to its original color. It is important to protect your stucco by painting it. This will prevent the surface from becoming waterlogged. Paint helps to keep the surface dry.

  • Covers stained

A quality painting contractor will be able to determine that some stains are not indicative of moisture problems. In this case, a new coat of painting is acceptable. Your new paint will look great for many years to come if you have it professionally painted.

  • Fills hairline cracks

It may not seem that hairline cracks are a problem, especially since you need to be really close to notice them. These little cracks only worsen as moisture gets into them. The paint will fill in the cracks and add a protective layer that prevents moisture. Professional painters, however, will fill in those small cracks before painting with caulk. Prior to painting, masonry repair may be necessary in some cases, for example, larger cracks.

  • Resists UV rays

The UV rays are prevalent in certain parts of the United States, but even Chicagoland has its fair share. UV rays can damage stucco and masonry. The UV rays can also damage the protective paint layer on top of the stucco. Fresh paint will add the needed protection to keep your stucco resistant to UV rays.

  • Exterior Refreshing

Twins Quality Painters. customers don’t always wait for their exteriors to look bad before calling us to refresh their walls. Exterior repainting projects can be used to update a color or change the scheme of a stucco building, whether it is commercial or residential.

  • Paint colors are available in a wide range of shades.

This surface can take any color, from bold tones to the standard tan. Stucco can be painted in bright colors, darker shades or lighter earthy tones. If you have questions about finishes and colors, Twins Quality Painters. can help you choose the right options for your surfaces.

After you have decided to paint your stucco wall, the next thing to do is decide who will be doing the job. The quality of the contractor you select will determine the outcome of your project. Partner with a contractor who has stucco experience and can show you examples of his work.

Why you should hire a professional painter for your stucco repairs and painting projects

All commercial stucco painting companies do not offer the same service level. Some contractors will not make repairs before painting. Twins Quality Painters. thoroughly inspects the surface before applying paint. We make sure that cracks have been sealed and there are no underlying problems that would require extensive work by a masonry contractor. Our clients get an expert who is competitively priced and knows how to tackle all types of stucco projects.

  • Repairing stucco

Sometimes, settling or another force can cause a building to shift. Stucco is also affected by seasonal weather conditions, which cause the construction material to expand and contract. These problems lead to stucco repair projects. Twins Quality Painters. has the tools and skills to repair exterior stucco, making it stable and ready for painting.

  • Stucco replacement

If your stucco has been damaged to the point that it requires replacement, then you will need to contact a contractor who specializes in masonry. Untreated water damage can lead to extensive repairs, which are only possible by contractors with experience in masonry work.

  • Stucco priming

Primer can be used to even out surfaces and prepare them for paint. Stucco primer can be used to cover small hairline cracks and leave a smooth surface for paint. Primer will also smoothen out areas that have had repairs done beyond the hairline cracks.

  • Stucco painting

Twins Quality Painters.’s stucco painting involves applying a coat of waterproof paint to ensure that our customers’ exteriors look great for years to come.Twins Quality Painters.’s stucco painting includes a waterproof coat to ensure that our customers’ exteriors will look great for many years.

Twins Quality Painters. can help you before your stucco exteriors start to look worn. Twins Quality Painters. can help you before your stucco requires repair. We will offer an in-depth evaluation of the surfaces of your home and create a plan to improve their appearance and protect them for a long period of time.

How to paint exterior stucco

If you want to ensure your painting project will be a success, hire a contractor that knows how best to paint and prepare exterior stucco surfaces. Twins Quality Painters. is a team of stucco painters who have the experience and skills to provide you with quality services at an affordable price.

Stucco painting process

Step 1
Stucco condition inspection

Twins Quality Painters. will inspect your stucco to determine if it’s ready for painting. If we find areas with stains or cracks where moisture hasn’t dried, for example, we will determine what preparation is needed before painting. We will check the common problem areas of stucco, such as around doors and windows, and make any necessary repairs. If we see extensive damage to the stucco, or damage to the supporting material, we will recommend that you hire a masonry contractor. This work should be done before painting.

Step 2
Stucco preparation work

Surfaces that are not prepared will not allow paint to adhere. Prior to painting, minor issues such as cracks, moisture spots, uneven surfaces, dirt, and grime must be addressed. We use our pressure washers to remove dirt, mold and grime. They can handle stubborn messes.

Step 3
Cracks in stucco repairs

One of the most common stucco damages that requires repair is cracks. This is a difficult problem to solve. If the hairline cracks are larger, you will need caulk. Some areas have enough damage to warrant patches. These patches and larger cracked areas require an expert to match the texture. Most large repairs will require a drying period of seven to ten days. It is recommended that new construction stucco be allowed to cure/dry at least 60 days.

Step 4
Paint and color selection of high quality

Only the best painting contractors use high-quality paint. The best painting contractors will only use quality paint. They won’t buy anything else because inferior paints don’t look good or last on surfaces as durable as stucco. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are two of the most popular paint brands on the market. This includes paints that go on stucco, which is almost always 100% acrylic. Sherwin Williams’ Superpaint or Duration is a great match for stucco. They come in many colors and are available in all the shades you can imagine. Twins Quality Painters. helps our customers choose the right colors and finishes to match their aesthetics while providing the maximum durability of a paint.

Step 5
Stucco priming is required if necessary

A primer layer is sometimes required. This is usually the case when there are hairline cracks that need to be filled or extensive repairs have been made. Twins Quality Painters. also uses primer when painting a lighter color over an older darker color. Primer can also help to keep paint from bubbling up or chipping. Primer is expensive, but it adds value because the paint will last longer and look better.

Step 6
Stucco painting

Twins Quality Painters.’s reputation as the go-to contractor for painting is partly due to our experience in painting every surface. Our area has many stucco-covered structures, even though stucco is more common in the arid parts of the country. Customers have commented on our service for exceeding their expectations. We are experts in cleaning, repairing and painting stucco.

Step 7
Paint drying

It is important to have a completely dry surface before painting stucco. If your stucco was power-washed, then we will not begin applying the paint until it is completely dried. Depending on the weather, it can take between an hour and two hours for the paint to be dry enough to add another coat. When your project requires multiple coats of paint, we will make sure that the previous coat is sufficiently cured before applying any additional coats.

Twins Quality Painters. is a partner that can provide all the services needed to restore your stucco to its former glory or even better. Let’s arrange an inspection for your exteriors.

The best paint for stucco exterior surfaces

A quality painting contractor who has experience with stucco paint will tell you the 100 percent acrylic is the best paint to use for stucco. Acrylic is not only durable, but also flexible. This allows you to make sure that your stucco surfaces are as breathable as they need to be.

Why is it important to breathe? You don’t want water to get stuck between the paint and stucco. If this happens, moisture will permeate your stucco, and contact the wood structure underneath it. This can lead to rot.

Acrylic paint allows moisture to escape and evaporate. This prevents stains and structural damage. Acrylic paints, especially acrylic-latex, are easy to clean, so you can save on labor costs.

The best exterior paint for stucco

  • Benjamin Moore stucco paint

Twins Quality Painters. has a few paint brands that we prefer to use. These are also used by other painting contractors of high quality. Benjamin Moore stucco is one of the best. The best Benjamin Moore exterior stucco paint offers ultraviolet light protection. This means that it will not fade. Paints that are inferior will not have the ingredients necessary to provide this protection. Mold and mildew resistant paints are also a benefit.

Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of paints, but the most popular are Aura Exterior Paint, and Regal Select High Build. These paints are durable, UV-resistant, and offer a superior aesthetic to lesser quality paints.

  • Sherwin-Williams stucco paint

Twins Quality Painters. is a contractor who doesn’t cut corners on paint. Sherwin Williams exterior stucco is one of the best. Sherwin-Williams’ best exterior stucco paint includes the SuperPaint product and Duration. These products are so high-quality that they can last up to 10 years in areas exposed to UV rays.

Sherwin Williams stucco is breathable. It allows moisture to escape and evaporate from the stucco, eliminating any risk of rot. The fact that the paint is so durable, but also how it looks for such a prolonged period of time, makes our customers happy.

Cost of commercial stucco exterior repairs and repainting

Cost estimates for stucco repair and painting can vary widely from project to project. However, quality stucco contractors provide reasonable estimates so that prospective clients know what they will spend. These projects are less expensive because they don’t require extensive repairs or cleaning before painting.

Repainting a 5,000-square foot stucco fa├žade will cost you between $4,300 to $4,850. This estimate is based upon a rate of.86 cents for each square foot if the surface does not require extensive prep work, and.97cents for projects that do.

Stucco contractors will charge $60 per hour for large-scale repairs. Twins Quality Painters. is able to perform small repairs and clean, but we rely on stucco contractors for more extensive repairs.

  • How much is it to repair stucco?

Twins Quality Painters. takes care of painting after masonry contractors have completed the major repair work. The cost of stucco repair is primarily labor. However, there are also fees for materials and removing large amounts generated by tearing off old stucco.

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