A kitchen can improve functionality, aesthetics, and, most importantly, the enjoyment of the virtual space in your home. A new kitchen design can increase your property’s real estate value. How can you save time and money when remodeling your kitchen? You may choose to reface or remodel your cabinets. Continue reading to find out more about the many benefits of refacing cabinets.

Is it worth it?

The kitchen can be limited to changing the appearance of cabinets. If your cabinets look dated or worn, you might reconsider before you tear them down. You can give your cabinetry a new lease of life by refacing them at a cost-effective price. You will also keep them from going to the dump!

What exactly is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a time-and-money-saving process that has transformed countless kitchens for decades. This cost-saving method is up to half what it costs to replace all your cabinets. This is excellent news!

Cabinet refacing is a good investment.

Are you happy with the layout of your kitchen? Are the cabinets in your current kitchen layout structurally sound? Are you adequately storing your belongings? Congratulations if you answered “yes” to any of these questions. If you answered yes to these questions, then cabinet refacing is for you. If you are looking for a complete kitchen, remodel, or custom cabinetry, then new Kitchen Cabinets might be the right choice.

Are all cabinet-refacing businesses in my area of the same quality?

Beware, homeowners! There are many cabinet refacing companies. Some companies will glue one sheet of veneer or laminate over the existing cabinets. However, if the front wears out, tears, or becomes loose, homeowners are left with no recourse and very little to repair.

On the other hand, Kitchen Magic uses premium materials and expertly installs them with a unique permanent double lamination process. All cabinetry’s exterior frames are covered with a final layer of either laminate or natural wooden refacing material. This gives your kitchen a new, more distinctive look.

Cabinet refacing can also offer a beautiful style.

Yes! There are hundreds of colors and styles to choose from. You can reach the ceiling with new cabinetry. That’s possible. Do you need storage pullouts or other solutions? We can help! We can help!

Do refacing cabinets last for a long time?

Most homeowners choose to have their kitchen cabinets refaced within a week. The time it takes to install additional materials such as countertops, backsplash tiles, or flooring can increase.

Are you looking for custom cabinet remodeling in Milford and beyond?

Kitchen Magic has been helping Milford homeowners for many years with their kitchen remodeling, refacing, and custom cabinetry needs. A combination of several options is often the best. A variety of several can make a kitchen look better.

A free consultation with a Kitchen Matic consultant is the best way to find the right solution for you.

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