Kids sure are the life of a house. However, they certainly can get under your feet in the kitchen! And it’s more than a little annoyance; with hot surfaces and sharp utensils, appliances and glassware, it can be a quite a danger zone. Once they get mobile it’s a whole new ballgame and it’s time to get your kitchen child-proof and safe to avoid accidents. 

So, if you have toddlers in your house who are always up to some mischief, redesigning and revamping your kitchen and making it child-proof is essential, not to mention, will give you great peace of mind. 

But where to start? Expert kitchen renovation services in Sydney can point you in the right direction and make sure you don’t leave anything to chance. Simply type “kitchen renovations near meon the internet and figure out which service provider will be the best for you. Moreover, if you are looking for ideas to get you started on making your kitchen kid-friendly, check out our tips below. 

Ensure the kitchen is safe for your little helpers

Encouraging your kids to come to the kitchen and help you with the work is always a great idea. Safety is the priority, but it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. First and foremost, you can begin by keeping loose appliance wires away from the reach of tiny hands and covering power points with safety plugs. Moreover, install child-friendly latches on the cabinets and keep harmful cleaning supplies, plastic wraps, and alcoholic beverages away from their reach. 

Design an open kitchen layout

An open kitchen layout is ideal when you have kids. These kitchen designs are more welcoming and sociable, encouraging your kids to watch how you work in the kitchen and learn. Moreover, these spaces are clutter-free so you can easily help you keep an eye on your kids while they play around the kitchen, and you won’t need to worry about them bumping into cramped corners with sharp edges.

Set up a kid-proof zone

If you have a small kitchen area and designing an open kitchen layout isn’t quite viable, you can set up a kid-proof zone in your kitchen. his area in your kitchen is free from loose wires, hot vessels, sharp objects, and glassware and you can allow your kids to play in this zone only while keeping an eye on them and also be able to work in the kitchen safely. 

Create special cabinets for sharp objects 

Creating a child-safe home is crucial, and because the kitchen is more prone to accidents, giving it a little more importance is vital. To keep sharp objects away from your kids, ask your kitchen renovators to build cabinets up and away from their reach. Keep in mind that these cabinets must be built high enough so that they can’t be reached with a stool; because you’ll be surprised how deft they can be with a little stool! Moreover, you can use these levelled cabinets to keep your expensive crockery and appliances away from your children’s reach. 

Install exclusive cabinets for your kids

You can also ask your kitchen renovation specialist to install cabinets that will exclusively be used by your kids. Here, you can keep their plastic tableware, cutlery, favourite treats, healthy snacks, and other fun kid-size cooking utensils; they’ll love it, and you’ll love that they are leaving more expensive/fragile cookware alone! Ensure that these cabinets are within their reach and are totally safe for your peace of mind. This will help them be independent early on, and you can also discover if they are interested in cooking. 

Make sure the countertops of your kitchen have soft edges

If you have kids running around the house, ensure your kitchen countertops have soft edges. You can’t stop your kids from playing – it’s a given that they’ll get under your feet! But having soft countertop edges will prevent them from getting severely injured if they accidentally bang on it. 

The floor of the Kitchen should be kid-proof

Anti-skid floors such as bamboo, cork, or rough tiles are perfect for toddlers. This prevents the floor from becoming slippery and keeps your kids safe from accidents as they run about getting up to mischief!


Encouraging your kids to participate in household work is essential for their development. However, at the same time, you need to ensure that they are safe when there’s so much going on in the kitchen. Hence, designing a kid-friendly kitchen is crucial. The points mentioned above can help you to get started on building not only a safe but welcoming kitchen for your kids. For further advice from the experts, simple search “kitchen and bathroom renovations near me.” However, before you start with your renovation, you need to ensure that the service provider has ample knowledge about designing a functional and beautiful kid-proof kitchen.

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