One of the most challenging parts of a remodel of your kitchen is reducing your options. I understand. When planning a remodel, many materials will compete for a spot in your new kitchen. What does this leave you with? You may feel stressed, overwhelmed, or tired. To make things easier, we will look at one of the biggest rivalries regarding kitchen remodeling: laminate vs. wooden. Both sides are trying to convince you that their product is better than the other. While both materials make great choices for cabinets, your lifestyle, budget, and the upkeep of your cabinets will significantly impact your preference.

Nature vs. Manmade

This article will examine laminate as a material used for cabinet refacing and wood as the main component of a complete remodel. We’ll compare the two to see which is more durable and how both can benefit you.

When deciding between laminate and wood, you need to determine if you prefer a product that is made from natural materials or one that has been engineered. Both have aesthetic and practical aspects.

Wood cabinets are made of lumber stained, shaped, and cut. They are then glued together. Kitchen Magic offers three types of wood, maple, cherry, and oak. What is the difference? Let’s dig in:

  • Oak – Oak is a popular material for kitchen renovations because of its attractive grain and rich color. Oak is not just a golden color. It comes in shades of tan, rich brown, and reddish tones.
  • Maple – Because maple has the most subtle texture and the ‘tighter’ grain of all three types of woods, it is the best candidate for painting. Maple comes in many different grain styles and wood colors.
  • Cherry – Cherry is the most luxurious and elegant wood of all three. It has a reddish glow with rich, dark shades and light golden tones. Cherry wood has a fine grain that gives it a smooth surface.

Make it personal

You can now choose your favorite color and change it to suit your needs by staining your wood cabinets. A conversion varnish seals the wood after a stain has been applied. It is a sealant that adds durability and resistance to moisture. The manufacturers will choose topcoat sheens to complement the type of finish on your cabinets.

The thermoforming process is used to make new cabinet doors using decorative vinyl overlays fused with an MDF substrate (medium-density fibreboard). Refacing is the process. It’s important to remember that laminate is so advanced that the characteristics and design have evolved to meet all design requirements.

Budget is another essential factor to take into consideration. Both wood and laminate have their unique advantages. Lumber is, by nature, a volatile material, and its price has risen in recent years. In recent years, laminate has been a more affordable option than wood. :

Custom-built cabinets can be included in a hybrid kitchen remodel, including an island, pantry, or other cabinetry that matches the existing cabinets. This results in a kitchen cabinet that is highly customized and transformative.

This remodeling type will increase your property’s value if you ever decide to sell. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value report, a minor kitchen renovation will return 74.7% on investment.

Kitchen remodel ideas for both large and small spaces

Our designers offer solutions to storage issues, including those you never knew you had. Dry goods stacked in the garage or dishware mixed with dry goods do not create an organized and functional kitchen. A designated storage area for spices, dry goods, cooking essentials, and everyday items can help you declutter your kitchen.

Hybrid kitchens have become so popular that most newly renovated kitchens from Kitchen Magic use a hybrid design model. Their designers see this trend continuing as it is always a customized solution for each customer. Many remodeling homeowners still have storage on their wish list, even though the pandemic is behind them.

Here are some of the most common design scenarios where a homeowner adopts a hybrid plan.

Pass the Peninsula

Integrate a custom-crafted Kitchen Island instead of a peninsula. This is more conducive to social gatherings. More homeowners in older homes are abandoning the U-shaped configuration of the kitchen peninsula because it tends to “trap people” into one particular area for prep or dining. Allow your kitchen design team instead to create a large kitchen island. A kitchen island can also be a convenient layout for social events and dining.

Store up your storage space.

Custom hutches or desks are an excellent addition to working and learning in the home. Add shelves, glass fronts, cabinets, and cubbies.

Learn how to turn an open space into a functional home office. Reface existing cabinets and create a deck to suit your home office.

Work from Home

It’s a great addition to your home office or learning space. Add shelves, glass fronts, cabinets, and cubbies.

Learn how to turn an empty corner into a functional home office. Reface existing cabinets and create a deck to suit your home office.

Design details

Display your home store purchases pridefully in new glass-front cabinets flanked by new pantries.

With a hybrid kitchen, a team of designers can claim additional space to accommodate new options such as storing non-perishable food, working from home, or displaying. There are many options if you want to create a pantry adjacent, a credenza, or a mudroom.

We can assist you in creating unique ways to store and organize dry goods, spices, canned goods, baking essentials, and other everyday items.

Mix & match kitchen styles.

Mixing woods, textures, and colors will give you a unique style.

A hybrid kitchen is more than just functional. It allows you to mix colors, textures, and materials in new and innovative ways. This classic cherry cabinet adds style and functionality to an otherwise empty area.

Imagine you’ve never seen the new trend of white kitchens with natural wood. You will be amazed at the ease of use of endless hybrid options like this cherry hutch and rustic cabinets in a white-refaced kitchen.

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