Many people upgrade their kitchen cabinets, but they need to remember about the backsplash. However, this element can make a significant impact on the design of your kitchen. A backsplash can be installed anywhere there is counter space. There are many options for material, color, and style. Talk to your designer when planning your kitchen renovation about the many options available for your backsplash. This design element is essential!

Does the backsplash in your kitchen need to be tiled?

Absolutely. Backsplashes were once a practical feature in the kitchen. They were four inches tall and placed behind the sink and stove to protect the walls from grease and moisture. More than four-inch height is needed to protect against cooking splatters.

Many kitchen backsplash options include natural stone, tile, mosaics, glamorous glasses, and ceramics. A backsplash can create visual interest and be as impressive as the artwork behind your counter. Designers use this trick to give a kitchen design more dimension.

The backsplash must be both functional and fashionable.

When choosing a kitchen backsplash, aesthetics is not the only thing to consider. The idea is to select a material that provides protection and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Granite, for example, is porous and will absorb grease with time. Popular materials like elegant and stylish Glass are less maintenance-intensive. However, you will still need to keep up with the cleaning after cooking to eliminate stains.

Designers’ choice: Corian solid surface

Corian is a highly-resistant material that is great for backsplashes and looks like a tile backsplash. Corian is a mixture of pure acrylic resin and natural minerals. Corian is available in one-piece sheets that can be routed to fit your needs. This means no grouting to clean. It’s non-porous, unlike natural stone. It is resistant to heat, dirt, surface stains, and humidity. It is also resistant to bacteria, mold, and impact damage. Corian is available in over 100 colors and can be routed into many popular patterns, including subway, diamonds, offset diamonds, squares, etc.

Select the backsplash to create a seamless appearance.

As important as choosing the suitable material for your backsplash is its design. When planning your backsplash, consider the overall composition you want for your kitchen and your available space. Wrapping the backsplash around your entire kitchen can make it look more prominent if you have a tiny kitchen. Solid countertops are best for backsplashes that are complex or colorful. Mix and match colors and materials within your backsplash. Kitchen Magic offers a designer-curated selection of the renowned Daltile Brand. This collection includes multi-colored variations and does the design work for the user.

Slabs and sheets combine beauty & functionality.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to spend money.

Some homeowners extend the granite or quartz countertop to the backsplash to create a luxurious stone appearance using stone materials. However, a Wilsonart high-pressure laminate (HPL) can create a beautiful backsplash in your Lehigh Valley home while still being economical.

Choose a complementary color to match your countertop, or use the same color for an upscale, finished look. Due to their affordability, HPLs with stone-like eyes are replacing traditional backsplashes.

Many homeowners need help visualizing the result or are challenged by color and material choices. You have to make a lot of decisions in a very short time. You may be prone to analysis paralysis. Give yourself time to plan and coordinate, but set a deadline to ensure you make decisions. Hiring a professional designer to guide you through this process is wise.


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