The good news is: Cabinet refacing can be affordable and sustainable. It will give you the same look as custom cabinets but at a fraction of the cost. Some cabinets need to be refaced. You may need to replace your cabinets with semi-custom or custom options in certain situations.

However, it is wise to contact skilled professionals considering major kitchen renovations, including cabinet remodeling. Are you deciding whether to replace or reface kitchen cabinets?

Is it better to replace or reface the kitchen cabinets?

Refacing cabinets is an affordable and cost-effective way of upgrading your cabinets. Here are some criteria to avoid it.

Kitchen cabinets of low quality are available.

Refacing is not an option if you move into a home with low-quality, cheap cabinets. Kitchen Magic strengthens frames by using a proprietary double-lamination process. However, we still need solid bones. We’ll not accept the cabinet cay effacing ray if the bulk of your cabinet skeleton or interior structures is made from that compressed particle board stuff.

Your cabinets need a sound structure.

Sometimes we look at the first cabinet and think, “Wow! This is great stuff, perfect for ….”. Then we stop mid-sentence because we discover that the second cabinet is covered in mold, has water damage, or is rotten. A dog or other wood-hungry insects could have chewed it. You might have severe swelling, or it could be falling apart. No matter the reason, we will not be able to replace the cabinetry if the structure is beyond repair. We are the final judge. We can replace or reface specifically, depending on the circumstances. This will still lower your final costs.

You are completely changing the layout of your kitchen.

Cabinet refacing is for kitchens that have the same layout, more or less. We can design new cabinets if you change your kitchen’s structure or move it to a different area in your house. If the cabinet boxes are in place, you can reface them. New cabinets will need to be installed somewhere else to replace them. Many times, owners make partial layout changes. We reface cabinets still in place and design new cabinets for the peninsula or kitchen island.

Cabinetry made from metal.

Metal cabinets and frames were once trendy. We can understand why people are so passionate about durable products. Cabinet refacing is much more difficult with those durable products. We’ll let you know our thoughts, but we will likely recommend new cabinets. We’ll be looking at our cabinet doors, which look exactly like stainless steel, to see what we think.

Strange odors are coming out of your cabinets.

We don’t care; it doesn’t matter. Some cabinets smell rancid, musty or just plain weird. It’s okay. It happens. We don’t judge. We can strengthen the frames, but we cannot remove the funk. So you may want to start over with new materials. ‘Nuff said.

What time should I replace my kitchen cabinets with newer models?

There are also cases when homeowners believe they need new cabinets, but they don’t. Your kitchen’s cabinetry accounts for 80% of its visual space. By selecting top-quality refacing and refitting your cabinets, you get the full impact of a complete remodel at a fraction of the cost. An experienced kitchen professional can help you replace outdated kitchen cabinets in your Meriden home.

These are some examples of situations where cabinet refacing can be used to its full potential:

  • Cabinet refacing can fix the problem if you don’t like your cabinet doors.
  • You are ready to change the color/finish of your cabinet.
  • We can repair or replace drawer boxes that are out of alignment or are falling apart.
  • It would help if you had better organization. From converting cabinets into drawers to lazy Susans to pull-out pantries, all of it can be modified and improved by refacing.
  • We can match additional cabinetry if you want it. As long as we work together for your custom and refaced cabinets as well as your custom cabinets, everything will be as you would like.
  • Your cabinets should be taller. You can also change the size of your cabinets.

Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinet remodeling experts in Meriden, CT, and the surrounding area?

Do you need a reliable kitchen remodeling company? Kitchen Magic’s team of experts has the experience and skills to finish your project to your satisfaction. We can assist you no matter where you are in the Hubbard Park area. We’ll help you with every step of the process. Choose from various custom-made kitchen designs to make your space stand out.

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