Everyone should be able to create a house they love, whether or not they own it. It can be challenging to decorate a rental property, especially when there is limited space. It’s not impossible, though! Please continue reading to learn our top 4 tips for decorating your small apartment rental to feel cozy and inviting.

It’s essential to start with a good base, which means looking through the apartments for rent to find a suitable apartment for you. Rentola can help you locate your ideal rental home if you are looking for a new place to live. You can search thousands of properties around the globe and filter them by price, location, or type.

Create your signature style.

We often have mishmashes of furniture and décor that we have collected or been given as gifts over the years. We’re all about creating unique spaces, but this approach to home decor can lead to a chaotic mess.

Now is the time to find an interior design style that inspires. Start by deciding how you would like to feel in your home. Then, develop a manner that will achieve that. We’ve put together tips for creating a mood board.

You don’t have to replace all your furniture or spend a fortune on a new scheme. Adding a few accent pieces can set the mood. Remember that less is more, so editing what you have is an excellent place to start.

Add some artworks

We understand there is much to fear when renting – you don’t want to damage your property or lose your bond. Some landlords allow you to hang your artwork on hooks. You could also use removable adhesive wall hangers for more miniature paintings. These have improved in recent years.

Remember that artwork does not have to be displayed on the wall. You can also lean the artwork on a bookcase or a sideboard.

Add artwork to your apartment. However, you choose to do it. It will make the place feel more like home. Art expresses yourself and helps you establish that signature style we discussed. Art can distract attention from an aspect of your apartment that you dislike but cannot change. Art can make a space feel bigger, brighter, or happier when hung correctly.

Take a look at the living elements.

Cut flowers and indoor plants add… well… life to your home.

Many studies have shown that plants can benefit health by lowering blood pressure and improving mood. The Living Future Institute defines biophilic design as “a design practice that connects people with nature in our built environments and within communities.” Why not make your apartment a lush oasis by using indoor plants? Consider potted plants, plant stands in pots, and hanging pots.

Create an atmosphere in your house with fresh-cut flowers if you love flowers. Use them as a vase on their own or to create a styled arrangement for a tabletop, like your bedside or dining table. Use these tips to extend the life of cut flowers.

Fix bad lighting

Lighting is the aspect of home design that is most often overlooked. Yet, it has a significant impact on your mood. Consider adding other types of lighting if your apartment is only equipped with downlights.

Ambient, task, and accent lighting are the three types of lighting. Ambient lighting is generally downlights. Task lighting is explicitly placed to assist you in performing a task, such as a hanging pendant light over a kitchen counter or wall lights near your bathroom mirror. Accent lighting can be used to enhance and draw attention to your space. For example, it can illuminate the artwork.

Lamps! You can transform the mood of your apartment with the right floor and table lamps. They also provide the necessary lighting for tasks. Accent lighting can be achieved by simply stringing fairy lights across your balcony. This is a simple and inexpensive way to do so. You can also buy removable puck lights to light up dark corners in your pantry or wardrobe.

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