Random orbital sanders are hand-held power tools that automate the sanding procedure using an electric or air-powered power source to give the user efficient sanding abilities. This increases efficiency, allowing you to not only sand large areas but also achieve a better finish.

Random orbit functionality refers to how the sandpaper will be applied to the surface you’re sanding. The name of a random-orbital sander suggests that the angle at which it rotates is variable. The head of the sander will contact the surface in a random manner and with different amounts of pressure. This will result in a smooth, even surface without any marks or abrasions.

Random orbital sanders have become popular among DIY enthusiasts. They are used for many home improvement projects, from refurbishing antique chairs to re-sanding hardwood floors.

The palm sander

As its name implies, the palm sander can fit in the palm of your hand. It does not mean that you can carry it like that. What it means is that you can use the palm sander to sand small areas with only one hand.

The palm sander is ideal for sanding smaller items such as wooden handles or bedside tables. The palm sander can be used with just one hand, which allows you to use your other hand to hold the item you are sanding. The palm sander’s size makes it easy to maneuver, which allows you to work quickly and efficiently when sanding small items.

The hand-held sander

The palm sander and hand-held sander are very similar, except for the fact that the latter is larger and requires two fingers to operate.

Hand-held sanders usually have two handles or at least one primary grip and an extra handle for additional control. You can have more power with a hand-held sander. They often come with variable speed controls, so you can adjust the power as needed. The additional power also comes with increased weight and size. This means the hand-held sander works best for larger items like the surface of large tables or cabinets. This type of sander can cover a larger area and is more durable than a palm-sized sander. The sander is a bit harder to use and requires more strength and stamina.

The orbital sheet sander

A common misconception is that orbital sanders have circular heads. The orbital sander can be rectangular, but the movement is what makes it orbital.

This is the case with the orbital sheet sander. It is still an orbital, but the head is rectangular. The rectangular shape is not without its advantages and disadvantages. You have more surface to sand with and a straight edge. This straight edge can be very useful when sanding and polishing floorboards large surfaces like tables or flat surfaces.

This type of sander has the disadvantage that it is difficult to sand uneven surfaces, such as table legs with lots of curves. The flat and square-shaped head of the sander does not move easily over uneven surfaces.

Battery powered orbital sander

Some orbital sanders are battery-powered, even though they tend to use mains power. They are a bit less common and are usually less powerful. However, they can be an excellent option when you have limited power outlets and need to sand on location.

These are useful if the sander needs to be moved around freely. For example, you may need to sand a large, heavy table. You might need to move under the table or around the table legs. You can move around freely with a battery-powered orbital sander without having to worry about getting caught in the power cord or needing a socket nearby.

The orbital air sander

These sanders may be less popular with DIY enthusiasts or the typical DIY project, but they are still very cool. We had to include them in this article.

Air sanders are becoming less popular due to their complexity. You need an air compressor to operate the air sander. The air compressor provides “power” for the sander rather than an electric variant.

Air sanders are a great alternative to electric-powered sanders because they don’t use electricity. These orbital sanders, as you might imagine, are perfect for projects that require water – such as when polishing cars. Compressed air is a better alternative to electrical power tools if you need to use water.

Choose the right sander to complete your DIY project.

You should find it easier to choose the right orbital sander for your DIY project now that you know the types and the best uses for each.

You might think that buying a specific orbital sander is a hassle, especially if there’s one in your shed. However, you should always get the best tool for the job. This goes for Sanders as well. You will have a smoother project, less effort, and a better end result if you choose the right sander.

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