White cabinetry adds a modern dimension to any kitchen remodel or new build. White cabinets are a favorite choice of innovative designers because it allows creativity to shine through. How can you combine white cabinets with other elements of your kitchen?

Call professionals to remodel your kitchen cabinets if you like the look of a white kitchen but don’t want the sterile feeling. These experts can help you transform a neutral-toned space with the right mix of light, texture, and materials.

Why choose white kitchen cabinets over other options?

White kitchen cabinets can create an open, spacious feel in small spaces. We can’t forget the timeless, streamlined look of white kitchen cabinets. This is true regardless of your style preferences or trends. When paired with the right countertop, backsplash, and flooring, white cabinetry can create a cohesive, polished anchor for small to large kitchen spaces. The beautiful Delft Blue dishware collection can be the focal point when surrounded by whites. Mirrored or elegant glass-front cabinetry adds depth and reflection.

There are some cons to white kitchens. A white-washed kitchen can look cold, unwelcoming, or harsh. This is why it’s essential to consult a kitchen designer.

Consider your lifestyle when designing. White cabinetry is not the best option for home cooks who don’t want to think about maintaining white cabinets. Instead, they should be able to enjoy the joy of cooking and have fun with it. White cabinetry can be stained or altered by spills, drips, or even a random splash of tomato sauce, yellow mustard, or cola.

How can you harmonize your kitchen and white cabinets?

There are many reasons to consider white cabinetry as a part of your kitchen remodeling plans. Kitchen Magic’s design consultants have some design tips for you.

  • You can decide whether you want your kitchen to be modern, transitional, rustic, traditional, or a combination of both. These design styles can be paired with white cabinets.
  • You can choose a simple or elegant white drawer and door styles that seamlessly flow from one type into the next in future years.
  • Choose your color palette – Will your cabinetry be genuinely white, soft white, or frosty white? The best combination for your space can be found on the advice of a professional designer.
  • Custom-made cabinetry is the right solution for you. Custom cabinetry can increase space and storage in small areas. Is cabinet refacing the best solution for you? Kitchen Magic’s exclusive, time-saving process offers homeowners many options to meet their budgets and needs. Check out our cabinet facelift page for more information.
  • Are you planning to accent your white cabinets with a bold or contrasting countertop? Are you more comfortable with subtle variations in your design? To add textural interest, quartz countertops come in various colors, including dark and light veining.
  • A pop of color can be added. Add color to an accent wall by painting it with the appropriate accessories, lighting, and hardware in a similar color scheme. You can change the look of the space at any time.
  • Pair friendly wood flooring or wood-grain floors with white cabinets for a warm and comfortable look. Dark, dramatic flooring can be chic and sophisticated. You can either add warmth or a soft texture.


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